Living with the Consequences

Last night I was in a pretty good mood. I had just received my pay cheque and finished buying all but one of my Christmas presents. Thanks to my putting aside $100 or so every month since September I didn’t have to spend much of my pay cheque Christmas shopping. Then I started looking at boots online.

I have wide calves unfortunately, but I think a lot of people must because wide calf boots are always sold out. I found a pair of black riding boots for $200 on my favorite place to buy boots. They were $200 and that is about how much boots wide calf boots cost unless you get lucky and get them on sale for about $150. I was really considering buying them because most of the other boots on the site were sold out and they are impossible to find in stores. You usually have to go online. But there is also this other place called Poppy Barley that makes made to measure boots. I found a beautiful soft looking pair of boots and put in all my measurements and ended up choosing to buy the Poppy Barley boots which were $480.00 with tax. The problem was I wasn’t really thinking at the time, not really.

In the night I started to put next months budget together and realized I owed my parents for Costco and that I needed a few things like concealer and foundation. Because I can have problem skin, I often choose to spend more money on these things or else I break out. What I didn’t think about when I bought those $500 boots was all the other stuff I’m going to need or want to get. There is also this dress on Anthropologie that I’ve had my eye on for Christmas and would only cost me about $100 because I have online gift cards from Anthropologie. I really really didn’t think about this. Of course, they look like beautiful boots and I know I would love them and where them lots, but at what financial cost? I also have to pay for a $450 course in editing 101 at the end of December, that amount would have covered it.

The point is sometimes I make poor decisions. I do things I will regret later, I hate regret but it sure is a good teacher. I woke up at 4:30 am and contacted Poppy Barley to cancel the boot order if that’s possible. The website said they’d get back to me in 48 hours but I’m scared that might be to long. Their hours are 10:00 am to 4 Pm MST and that’s the time zone where I live so I phoned them a couple times at 10:00 am and received no answer. I left a message explaining my situation and called back again at 11:10 am and still got no answer for the concierge. I can only hope they listen to my voicemail or read my email before the order goes to far and they start making out a pattern or doing anything like that. But if I have to keep the boots I will keep the boots.

I just can’t believe that I was stupid like that, that I didn’t think that if I spent so much money on boots that I wouldn’t have money to pay my parents back or get my dress or leave enough for cab fare now that the weather is so cold. We all make stupid mistakes sometimes and must live with the consequences this is what I have learned. I will phone Poppy Barley back and hopefully get through to them sometime today maybe in the afternoon. But I shouldn’t have taken this risk in the first place. I should know what I can and can’t afford, these boots I can’t afford unless I save up for them, and I haven’t saved up enough to buy them, take a course, and do all that I need to this following month.

I’m just feeling guilty I guess. They are wonderful boots and a made to fit me pair would be a dream. A smarter choice would be to wait and get the $200 pair of riding boots I wanted with my Christmas money. Those I can afford. But why do we make stupid decisions? I think we are just wired that way. But the thing is I have to think, we all need to use our brains and think sometimes and we don’t, we get lazy. Waiting a day even to make a decision can be so useful. Somethings look so much clearer in the light of day, and that’s the truth.


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