Happy Halloween Update


Hey everyone good afternoon!  I just thought I would send out a mini update of how things have gone lately. But first I want to briefly tell you about a couple of blogs that are in the works for me. The first blog I am doing is a Winter Fashion Loves complete with some great pictures of fashion examples I think are key for the Winter Fashion Season. The next blog is a Makeup Foundation Comparison for those with skin that tends to break out and is still sensitive. So, if you have either of these skin types watch for this blog because after trying a few foundations over the last 4-5 months I have narrowed down the best foundations for your skin.

Onto the update: yes me and the boyfriend are great! We had a little tiff and I freaked out and sometimes in relationships a fight can seem as if it is the end of things. Really, when I was able to talk calmly to my boyfriend and we pieced are relationship back together, I realized I was just being silly and we took each other back gladly. He told me I was the girl for him, that he had known that for a while and this was very comforting to hear.

I am not that experienced as relationships go so something I need to learn with my boyfriend and in life is to not make snap decisions and to think problems through. I find when I make rash decisions that I am not always thinking straight and if I leave the situation until the next day I can see the situation clearly, unlike the day before. The danger is that when something is wrong you always want to just deal with it right away but patience is a virtue for a reason.


My next piece of news is that I have reached stability with my mental illness, or rather I’ve been forced to. Going to visit my psychiatrist yesterday I was told there is nothing else she can do for me and that we have tried every drug out there that could help me. Strangely, enough Dexedrine,  a drug I take to focus me, help me pay attention, and concentrate better has the exact opposite effect on me then it does on anybody my doctor has every known. It is used for depression patients, for ADHD, to helping seniors, to focusing pilots flying planes,  and instead of focusing and energizing me,  increasing the dose past 10 mg makes me sick. I have flu-like symptoms and feel very tired instead.

I had the feeling this day was coming, that because I am so sensitive to so many of the drugs I tried that either I cannot tolerate them or I am allergic to them I would reach the day when psychiatry could not help me. But this is good news in away because it means with the exception of the psychotic episode that started my whole illness, the cause of what I am experiencing now is not psychiatric, its physical. Depression or some type of mood disorder maybe something that is a result of this physical disease but it is not why I feel as if I have no energy all the time.

My next step is to go to my family doctor and look at other diseases that could make me greatly fatigued. The biggest contender now, at least in my mind, is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I will have to go through a bunch of testing to confirm this because you can also have fatigue and there can be no known cause, but I seem to fit the profile alarmingly well. First, I have had the fatigue longer than 6 months, probably about 4.5 years; secondly, sleeping does not reduce this fatigue, it is a type of tiredness that is something else entirely; thirdly, of the other symptoms of Chronic Fatigue I have depression,  insomnia proven to not be from a common sleep disorder, daily pain in my shoulders, neck, upper back, and sometimes legs, effects on my short-term memory and concentration, unrefreshing sleep, and often after a day out I feel extremely tired even 24 hours afterwards.


I could be very much wrong in my assumption but it really above anything else seems to fit my symptoms and what I have experienced throughout my ordeal. But maybe there are other explanations, this I will have to leave to my doctor to prove or disprove.

The last thing I wanted to tell you about is that I have decided to try writing for Flurt again. Although I had to stop largely due to my health. I am going to try writing articles – 1 good article when I find a topic I am passionate about. This weeks topic has to do with Obamacare demanding corporations pay for 100% of a woman’s birth control in the US. Should corporations who are often treated such as individuals, be able to deny their women workers this right because their CEO’s are religiously against it? You’ll have to read the article to find out what I thought of the issue in the next couple weeks. Also make sure, to check out Creative Edmonton’s Moustache Gala for Movember Canada at Yellowhead Brewery on November 15, 2013 in Edmonton. The article I did for Flurt on it can be found here:



Thanks for listening, and I hope to have my other blogs out soon!



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