Because You’re Important Too

I think a lot of times in this world, people feel left out and left behind. It is easy to forget and not give fair thought to the everyday people who do what they do quietly and with little complaint. So many people are so outgoing while just as many other people are introverted and think their way through life quietly while others have to think out loud.

Jobs are a really good example of this theory as many people who do not have the ‘right’ connections or know the right people find it difficult to get ahead in employment. How do you further career with nepotism or the fact that charismatic people seem to advance further than quieter less assertive types.

There is also the fact that people get used to a person being a certain way and just assume that’s what their like. For instance, you do not know what good ideas are going through an introverted person’s head because they may choose their words carefully. And not everyone is made to be charismatic and outgoing. Some people are just your average person. Or you may never see how the average person is actually very talented at the piano, or good with their kids.

A lot of who we pay attention to is based on attributes that aren’t necessarily good determiners of what makes a good or talented person. It’s important to recognize that a great team is made up of introverted, extroverted, and every type of person in between. Friendships can be invaluable with people for example who are not all trying to get attention, or with people who do not all feel shy sharing their thoughts. Good conversation requires many different ideas and thoughts as well.

Improvement can also be made by both extroverted and introverted types of people. People who have trouble talking out loud need to make an effort to vocally share their ideas because they have good ones to share and extroverted people need to ensure they let introverts talk and take time to listen to their interesting points of view. There are also diversified jobs and abilities that different people can have because of their personalities. Louder personalities maybe better at giving big speeches will quieter people maybe better at observing how people react to the speech and putting a presentation together. Of course, there are many shades of people who are somewhat introverted and somewhat extroverted or not introverted at all.

I suppose my point in writing is that we need to give our quite people in this world more recognition in our families, friendships, and jobs. It is easy for them to get lost behind all the noise of those extroverted people vying for position in front of them. But different kinds of people can have unique view points and are often passionate about their own individual niches in life.




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