Flurt Articles: Beauty and Weightloss, and some Pressing Questions (Please comment!!!)


Hey everyone! Two new Flurt articles for you to enjoy today and some questions to follow. I would really appreciate some feedback on my questions so please comment!


Review Korres Pomegranate Facial Wipes and  Yoghurt Body Butter



Do Weight Loss Centers Really Work?







1. I am writing an article on the do’s and don’t’s of dating someone? Please let me know some of your best do’s and don’t’s to help me write the article!


2. Imagine you are me and have 4 hrs a day in which you can concentrate and well and do relatively normal activity. The rest of the day you cannot do much but rest, watch TV, read, and write. You are unable to do much exercise especially cardiovascular and cannot do most things physically beyond a half an hour and be able to do your work/homework – have the physical and mental energy to do it. How would you spend your time? I am looking for some good ways to spend some of my time in the summer beyond writing articles and tiny bit of exercise?


Thanks for your help!