Becoming Yourself

Today I watched this video on, the online magazine I write for and often give you article links to. This particular YouTube video was about a girl who shared how she realized she was gay, that she did not just all of the sudden think today ‘ I am Gay,’ but for her being gay was how she was born and it was a process actually realizing her sexual orientation. While I thought she was really brave, what really got to me was how she encouraged other women ( and men) to be themselves and take the the time to discover who they are.

Now I am not gay. I like men too much lol. But what was most important to me about that video was the theme of self discovery, of becoming yourself in life. Do you know there are people now every where we go in life who are not comfortable in their own skin, who are so worried about trying to fit in, to follow a certain code or creed, to be something they are not? What is it they say, fake it till you make it? Sometimes I think this really works and sometimes it does not. Becoming yourself can have a lot to do with self improvement, trying new things, and sometimes just pretending; for instance, practicing self- confidence until you feel that you are actually self-confident.

But sometimes in life people are really just fakes. It is akin to girls in junior high or high school all trying to be like one another, to dress the same, like the same TV shows, wear similar makeup, and go for certain boys and not others. I mean who can blame them for wanting to fit in to be popular and be just like everybody else right? But as I remember there is always a part of you who just wants to be accepted for being you. But I think it’s not just the teenage years that are often fake; but sadly this phenomenon continues into adulthood. As I am almost 28 years old I feel that only now am I starting to be a women. Only now am I getting beyond this drama from young adulthood and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

By writing this post, my goal is for other people to try to do the same; whatever or whoever you are just be yourself. Let your partner and friends see your flaws and let your family see your flaws ( I am sure they already know quite a few) and just be you. Do not be afraid to be imperfect! We are flawed humans.

If you are like me a Christian, you believe that since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden people have been imperfect. It’s called original sin. Down to the tiniest atoms of our body we are flawed. This is why Christian’s and yes, non believer’s too have Jesus. To save us from our sins, our imperfections, because looking around at the world it can be an awful place sometimes.

Another thing about Jesus is that he made us all special (the Sunday school speech). I have learnt that He wants us to be unique, to be ourselves because He has given us each unique talents, attributes, and flaws to help each other, and to praise him. We are made with our flaws all exactly how we are supposed to be and we should not try to just be someone else when we have our unique talents and gifts.Maybe sometimes being ourselves means following a Christian creed or being gay?

This is highly arguable stuff I am proposing but God’s greatest command besides to believe in Jesus, was to love thy neighbour. This supersedes his commandment against being gay I feel. We are born uniquely how we are and just as many people biologically are attracted to the opposite sex; some people are born LBGT. And these people deserve our love not our hate. The girl in this video in fact, had my admiration. She above many other people knew how to be herself and how to help others be themselves too.

Although, I truly feel like I am moving my way towards becoming myself, that I am myself, I am still moving forward. Perhaps, being ‘ you’ is a process. It is something that occurs while you are living and while time passes. It is based on the values we choose, the way we act, what we write, and what we say. But what I think truly shows our character is how we face our challenges. Those moments as a the famous Canadian poet Avison wrote ‘at the whirlpools edge,’ those moments that define us in life.




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