It’s a New Year and ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

It’s a New Year tomorrow and it means we all have the chance to start again, one of many chances to start again but New Year always seems like it is the best time. I do not know what you are doing tonight or what you will do in the future, but it seems to me that tonight, and tomorrow leave us with possibility, so much possibility and “oh the places you’ll go” in 2013, there is so many places to choose from.

There will be rough times, days you can barely get out of bed for work, days you are sick, maybe days your heart is broken; but just as today, you are moving forward into a brand new phase. With each calamity you face you will again move on. What else can we do in this world but take it day by and day and just let our lives develop before us. Sure we can make better decisions, be more reasonable, make choices, but either way I believe we all have a reason for being here and each moment doing what were doing we are living the life we are meant to, the one we have chosen and the one God has predetermined. (I know some of you do not like to think God has predetermined anything for you or that you are the only one in control of your life; but there are bigger things then us as people out there, there is so much we do not know and being part of a grander scheme gives us something to hope for, to reach for, to make our resolutions for.)

So what do you resolve to do this New Years? A lot of us I think, choose things like lose weight, or get more exercise, spend more time with our families, and work harder but do we consider what a journey life is that we start moving one day only to fall, or be thrown off course into things we never expected or thought were even possible; good things and bad things and things somewhere in between. I wonder if we just considered the saying “Where ever you go, there you are.” Wherever you go in life that’s what you are doing, that’s your life, whether you want it or not. Just make the best of everything, there is no rush to meet our goals, to worry, when we realize everything that needs to get done will get done; that there is a time for everything.

When I think of my New Year’s Resolution I have a long list of hopes and dreams. I already told you about my resolution to stop shopping until May when I go on vacation, to have better money handling skills and self-control. But I also have a goal I think will never be solved, the one to be as healthy as I was at 23-year-old; an impossible goal as we can never be the people we are in the past – the past has gone. And just as it is for me being 27 years old and not quite being able to do the things a 27-year-old wants to do, I take stock of that goal and realize, it is a nearly impossible one such as some of your New Year’s Resolutions maybe – we have to be realistic in our expectations – unless ‘magic’ suddenly happens to become a part of lives. I also more than anything want to go for long walks again, run, work out 3 times a week, play volleyball – do all the physical things I used to be able to do – but my body cannot handle those hard activities anymore. So I make a resolution to do Yoga two times awake so at least I’ll stay a bit toned and limber. My other goal, would be to just get this Interior Decorator program done, so that I can move on to my true love – writing. Now that is a possible goal by this time next year something I can truly do, and ability to do actions towards a resolution is crucial. Pick specific goals that can be accomplished.

So that’s it for me and my resolutions. What are some of yours if you would like to share? Do you bother keeping any of them up past January? Just remember that whatever you dream, whatever you hope – “oh the places you’ll go.” Life can so be unexpected sometimes and even when you think you should be going one way, when you really should not, life has a way of moving you in the right direction to places you have never been, and new people, new friends. That is your chance to make life what you dream, working with what and who you have; be resourceful and thankful that wherever you are, there you are.

Happy New Year.