The Girl with the Striped Pink Scarf

The Girl with the Striped Pink Scarf well that’s me, from far off anyways. I have had a lot to share online today but I swear this is my last piece of writing, last anything I will publish today. Today I am off to see the Hobbit with my little brother and next week we plan to see Les Miserables on Friday. I have been saving up my movie passes for ‘good’ movie time at Christmas. But back to my title?
What first impression do you give to other people? What can they tell of your character from a glance or two? Your first impression – they say it is the most important impression you will make on another person and you only get one chance. And whether you are ‘ the girl with the striped pink scarf ,’ ‘blondy,’ or ‘ that guy with the Stephen Colbert glasses,’ somebody is judging you, has judged you, or will judge you; it is just a fact of life.
We try all manner of things to make excellent first impressions on people; we groom ourselves nicely, where colognes and perfumes, give firm hand shakes, eye contact, kind words, impressive words- all to make those two point whatever first seconds with someone count. But what a curious thing first impressions are, I would say most of the time we assume these judgements about people only to find, they are not who we really thought they were at all. A lot goes by the wayside in second impressions and any impressions of people there on in, we see truths about people often too late and misjudge others greatly. Are you good at making first judgements of people? Or do you such as we all should wait to see the whole person unfold; wait for the stories and conversations, the ability to work hard, for similar interests. Can you afford to wait to make true judgements of other people, does your job/ situation/ life allow for this?
First impressions – are easy to screw up and people all to easily characterize you as someone you are not like at all. For instance, in The Hobbit Bilbo goes on this adventure with a bunch of dwarves trying to reclaim their kingdom that is filled with gold and a dragon who guards this treasure closely. The head dwarf King does not trust Bilbo, a hobbit. It is not until The king dwarf is nearly killed by this Orc who is hunting him, that the kings impression of him changes; Bilbo stops the Orc from killing the dwarf king and forever has his gratitude. I guess such as Bilbo we need to find ways to fit in, to change how others see you. Maybe some people do not care – but since good first impressions lead to better opportunities it is important to make them well but also to remember that we can always change what people think of you to a degree. We can be more complimentary, be better listeners, make an effort to appear more professional, but also be ourselves- whoever that is; we are not powerless and can often prove others wrong about the type of person you are. It takes time to really figure someone out and the actions you do can help this.
Also , if you can get out o see the Hobbit in Theaters over the holidays it is an interesting movie especially in 3D.