Good Morning World!

Hello, fellow survivors of the Mayan Apocalypse. We have survived another “end of the world.” The last one I really remember of some significance was Y2k the year 2000 and all the terror it was supposed to bring. When I hear all these predictions about the end of the world I think and how would you a mere human know when it is going to be the end of the world? The answer that makes most sense to me is Gods, and not just because He is God. Jesus says we will not know “the day nor the hour” when the world will end. Moreover, he says that he will not even know – Jesus himself does not know when the world will end – only God, the Father knows. For me this totally makes sense, that humans, that everything and everyone will not know their end, the end of time. The end of time, a thing beyond science, beyond the puny understanding we have of our world, the end of what ‘is’ and ‘was.

But since for the moment everything is fine, we are all snug in our beds, or starting the last day of work before Christmas Holiday’s we might as well enjoy time and everything in it; show a little Joyeux de Vivre. I think I did that last night, sat down and exchanged presents, had a glass of wine, with a very good friend! And we caught up on life and future plans. I plan to do a little more of that today with a couple friends. But I have a question, should I bring a totally new unopened bottle of wine to their apartment? Or can I bring the one bottle of wine from last night, that is three quarters full? I guess since I am getting a ride, I’ll have to bring the unopened bottle – a woodsy red wine from Argentina; a Malbec. Usually my favorite but I am scared I accidentally bought the really woodsy flavoured one – my Uncle loves it – but I am not such a fan. Either way, wine, good friends, the holidays, and it not being the end of the world – that’s a reason to celebrate.

This being the last weekend before Christmas, I am going to help my dad pick out my mother’s present too. I am hoping Kingsway mall at lunch will not be so bad. She would like a beautiful Pandora bracelet or necklace, although I think I will argue for the People’s brand jewelry as it is a bit more fairly priced – and we can buy her a few more beads to start her bracelet or necklace. The beads were just as pretty but $10 to $30 cheaper then Pandora.Either way my dad in a mall, that is a site you never see lol. It is very nice that he is willing to make that effort this year for mom.

Lastly, on this continuance of life as we know it, I have to say I wish my boyfriend would come home for the holidays. But his home is Saskatoon, mine is here, but really as they say, home is where the heart is… Mine is wishing he would come and celebrate Christmas. Even as a Muslim, is not Jesus important? But wishes can be only wishes sometimes, and I will see him soon.

I wish you and your loved one’s a very Merry Christmas!

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