A Passion for Writing and What Else is New

Well lately I have had the writing bug! I have waited for it to return, that feeling in my fingers, in my head; The constant flow of words and ideas, the itch in my fingers to type and bring to screen/paper what I have to say. A lot of this has to do with my recent articles for FLURT; I would say it was just what I needed for inspiration. Writing for magazines is particularly something I have always had this dream to do in the back of my mind. I applied to be an Assistant Editor with this magazine. It is just a volunteer position but I feel I could get some good experience out of the job. A lot of it would be just working from home and writing and editing articles; but I am not sure I am going to get the job even though It would be something great for me. FLURT is a magazine whose modo is the “empowerment of women,” something I can totally get behind but I know many woman are more feminist and brash than me when it comes to writing articles. So maybe the editor is looking for someone such as that, I do not know. I edited one article for her and I did okay, but clearly, I have things to learn when editing magazine articles, it is not the same as editing essays for friends and friends of friends from different universities.

Nonetheless, something that has become very clear to me this last while is where my talents actually lie and where a possible career may lie for me in the future – in writing! When I finish my Certified Interior Decorator’s program next year, I am planning on taking a couple of writing courses at night. Some in proofreading and editing and possibly some in grammar at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. In the near future, I am really considering a Master’s in Comparative Literature, comparing perhaps, a couple era’s in writing – in poetry perhaps? Maybe the time of John Milton and John Donne with Modern Poetry such as Emily Dickinson. My favorite poem by the way or tied for first is http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/donne/mourning.php ” A Valediction Forbidding Mourning” By John Donne, how I think we should view death and how I secretly wish when I find the right guy, he will view our relationship. My second favorite poem is ” A Bird Came Down the Walk …” by Emily Dickenson, http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/english/melani/cs6/bird.html ; I just love the imagery that Dickenson has in all her poems and I plan to have the last two lines of her poem engraved on my soon to arrive in the mail iPad Mini. This is all aside though, what I really mean to emphasise, it has come to my attention after spending 3 years doing a program I am okay at, what I truly love is to write and to research. I love to write articles about anything; I would love again to write papers about anything, but particularly english literature or lifestyle type articles; I am passionate about writing, and I cannot say I am quite as passionate about Interior Design but given the chance to write about it, I could be. So that is where the Interior Decorating fits into the writing. The only problem with writing, I hear, is that it is one of the few professions where it is hard to make money doing.

Then, this is the part where I leave it up to God and say ” God you know what I love, and have led me on this path back to what I love (from my university degree in English) now I know you will have some special way for me to use it for good.” Perhaps, He already has; writing for this new magazine, even if it remains only writing articles, and a few years down the road a Master’s or dare I say it, in a new job?! Maybe in publishing or something related. I am not really sure yet because that is where the frustrating part begins with God providing only  ” … a lamp unto our feet;” Presently, I know what I should do and can do, but in the future I do not know.

Also, yes, done (x3) my Christmas shopping! I was done 2 weeks ago really, but the few extra things I had to pick up chocolate of course ( because if you pick that up too early you eat it all) and a little something for some people and now while everyone else has to deal with the pushing and shoving in the mall; I can stay home and write. I will still have to help my mom out a bit and probably brave the mall with a friend or two. Also, I have done a bit of ‘Black Friday’ pre-shopping and found a few items ( I have slowed down considerably in my shopping). I have often found that the sales and choice before Christmas are better than Boxing Week Sales so I have taken to picking out some clothes and things on sale beforehand. But that I am pretty much done too, new year equals new budget and financial plans.

Well, it is almost noon and I have not done much today so I will let you all go. Another side note, I had a surprise visit from my boyfriend last night so I went to meet him at his hotel and had a blast laughing and spending time with him. The only bad thing to happen was the cabby who ripped me off; Usually it costs about $35.00 to cab to my boyfriends Best Western on the South Side, well on the way home it cost me $57.00 and something is wrong there as I have taken the trip several times to my boyfriends choice hotel. My boyfriends car is broken so he has not been able to drive me. So I called in to the cab company and maybe I will get my $20.00 or so back. It would be appreciated! But I will go now and leave you with the questions:

What things in your life are you truly passionate about, have you been able to do the things you are passionate about as a profession? Also, have you ever been totally ripped of by someone at a store or otherwise? What happened? Hope you will share! Also, sorry about the lack of images – I am not impressed with the new way wordpress has of doing this on their free accounts and have yet to figure the whole system out!


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