Shopping for Women’s/Men’s Clothes and Beauty Products: My favorite Sites!

Lately, I have found that a lot of the shopping I have done for myself and for other people (for Christmas) has become internet based. I have learned a few things about internet shopping for clothing and beauty products along the way. For instance, it is best for sizing if you know what size you or somebody else are, or you can check the sizing chart on the site you are on. The best internet shopping sites have return labels included so you can return what you ordered for free; but after a couple of purchases on the same  site you will find out your size, and how the clothes fit in general and should have to return items less often. It is also best if you know what styles look good on you. So maybe you want to take a trip to the mall first and just go toyour favorite stores and try on different styles of clothing. For example, A-line skirts look better on women with hips and pencil skirts are good at creating curves for women who do not have such curvy hips. Depending on where you order from, you also want to keep in mind you may have to pay Custom’s fees on some out of country sites; prices which increase, as the total price of your order increase. For example, I ordered a dress off of the website a British Department stor,e not realizing that a dress that was 145 pounds in Britain was more like $245.00 Canadian dollars and $60.00 in Custom’s fees; so you want to be aware of  the value of different currencies in other countries. Sometimes though, an item is worth the extra cost despite the custom fees, it is entirely up to you. One thing good about House of Fraser for example, was that even though I had to pay to return the dress, House of Fraser returned both the cost of the dress and original cost of shipping for the dress to me back onto my MasterCard. Good stores in Canada will also let you return you order at their in store locations. Jacob for instance, will return your online purchases in store, but charge you $5.00 for each item you wish to return by Canada Post. Lastly, despite the fact that it is more secure to pay by PayPal, the only way you can return a PayPal item is online and not at the actual store.  So without further ado, here are my 5 current favorite online stores and some important information on them.


Image 1 of Coast Palladium Dress

  • ASOS ships world-wide for Free.
  • has interesting and eclectic clothing sold at a variety of prices.
  • British sizing so for instance, I am a 10/12 in Canadian sizes and usually a UK16 but check the sizing chart for sizing and fit.
  • You pay to return, takes up to 21 days. And you have to place a new order – cannot exchange items.


  • Banana Republic or the Gap often have sales from 25% to 40% off one or more items if you sign up for their newsletter. For instance, today Banana Republic has a 30% off  sale called “Merry Monday.” Sometimes these sales are only in store, sometimes only online, and sometimes both.  Also, BR and the GAP will sometimes mail coupons to you if you subscribed to their emails. Because they have sales or coupons it is usually best to wait to buy until these discounts are available unless you think an item is particularly cute  and will go fast.
  • Shipping free over $50.00
  • Your shipment comes with a return labes by which you can return items that do not fit for full refund by BR or the Gap through Canada post, so free to return. No exchanges by mail but easy to reorder or even order one of each size to try on. Can return at stores.
  • Regular sizes 0 to 14 for  women. Also, have petite, and sometimes tall ( ie. tall jeans inseam at the Gap).


New Arrivals - Feather Ice Dress

  • Unique retro and vintage based designs. If you are looking for something interesting or a pretty dress this is the place to shop.
  • Ships USPS around $11.00 for items around $100.00  takes around 2-3 weeks, or around $26.00 for faster shipping through UPS in about one week.
  • You have to pay to return your items but you have 30 days to return so you can choose the cheapest method possible for shipping so probably around $8-$14 dollers to return an item through USPS through Canada Post.
  • Can exchange on the shipping/return invoice
  • Canadians must pay through PayPal which is more secure than credit cards. You can even just put your credit card on PayPal.
  • Modcloth is  just women’s clothing unlike ASOS or BR and the Gap.


Professional Double Blazer

  • Canadian based clothing company with dressy, funky, colorful clothing for women and men.
  • Ground shipping 3-10 days $10.00 and 2-3 days $20.00 but I find their ground shipping really fast. Last shirt I ordered was at my house in 3 days.
  • Cannot exchange or return in items ordered in store, return through Canada Post, Fed Ex etc. at your own cost.
  • Much more variety and sizes available online than in store, the same with BR.


  • Almost any brand name of makeup, hair products, body products, and perfumes and/or colognes for men and women, available for shipping most anywhere in Canada over $75.00 is free – it adds up fast!
  • Can Ship returns to Sephora (call them first) at your own expense or even better go into the store Sephora in Canada or the USA and return for free on the same credit card you paid with.
  • Some items available online in the US are not available in Canada.
  • Takes a couple of weeks to ship but worth the convenience; nonetheless, it is so much fun going into the store to look at all Sephora’s products –  it is equally as good going to the store yourself except that Sephora is usually not out of certain products online.
  • All order’s come with 3 samples of your choice and you can collect points in store and online on your Sephora card to spend on larger sized samples for 100 and 500 points. Points add up fast!

Those are my 5 favorite current online shopping websites. What are your yours? What kind of incentives do they offer for you to shop online at their stores? Let me know!