More Words of Wisdom from Pinterest!

I love the little sayings that people post on pinterest. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

hoodies! Totally inappropriate but very funny! True story.  Hahah! So true  Hilarious!!haha right!? exactly.. Seriously Don't stumble over something behind this quote You can't get it perfect every time.good reminder...GodLove it!  i'm not a camper.hahaDon't hate, appreciate."Age of Worry" lyrics by John Mayer;)

Things Fall Apart

“Things Fall Apart,” not only a famous book but an undoubted truth – such is life that when everything seems to be going good, everything crumbles and we spiral downwards into despair. In the book “Things Fall Apart” the story is centered around a warrior from the tribal world Okonkwo from an Ibo village in Nigeria. Okonkwo’s fall from grace is paralleled by the fall of his tribe by the “proselytizing” European missionaries. In life there, are many times that things just do not work out just like they began to not work out for Okonkwo’s, maybe not such on a massive level. But I bet you, everyday somewhere, somebody’s life is falling a part. Yesterday, it was mine, or it seemed like it…

There was this big fight, and suddenly I was going from living in the comfortable house I live in, being able to deal with my illness, and provide for myself not only what I need but what I want – to $700.00 short of being able to live on my own. I could not believe that suddenly, at this almost Christmas time of year that I was having to put a budget together of what I would need to live on my own each month; I new from the beginning I did not make enough on disability. I started looking at condo and apartment listings in the downtown area, places close to transit and where I needed to be. I realized I would not be able to finish my Residential Interior’s Certificate, that I would have to take on massive student loans to be do a Master’s – everything, all these realities of life hit me. Worst, of all I saw no choice but to live alone, knowing all my friends and family have good places to live right now, knowing people would not understand how it is to have depression all the time – that tiredness that only depressed people know about. If you would have looked at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and said where I was deficient I could have told you first and foremost saftey; I did not feel safe anymore. Suddenly, too my basic needs were not provided for and that leads to panic. Okonkwo must have panicked as his world fell apart but I could not tell you, it has been years since I read the book and I pulled it out for a ‘Reading Group’ again.

Today I am not panicking though. The ground has returned beneath my feet and I think I’ll be staying where I am for awhile. Still sooner, rather than later I think more and more I need to be out on my own. I want to be out on my own, but my health does not allow me much for that. And the person I was fighting with, he did not get this – no matter how many times he said ” I understand your needs.” He did not. I think things have blown over and he still does not understand and this worries me. That because I am home, the work I do for my courses, the articles I write is not considered important, and I am expected even though I often do not have the energy to always pick up, clean up the tiniest little details – that are not important; they are just little things – inconsequential – when I am working towards much bigger goals of independence, and trying to go out to work on my own half time. While, at the same time I have a brother who works and goes out does what he wants, and hardly does anything as well; this is okay just because he pays rent and works? I bear my brother no ill will – but I said I would pay rent to – and he tells me he would still expect the same from me, it is a double standard. I do not understand. So sometime in the years maybe months I will have to find the money to live on my own – I think it must be that way that you just get to a point and say – I am done leave me in peace and let me live how I live; it is not hurting you or affecting you in any large way so let me be. So things fell a part and they still do not feel back together.

My life feels wedged together, rough hewn stones mashed together made to fit, because we must all put on a smile and never really deal with the issues. I did not see it coming, and neither did Okonkwo. I do not want to be this person he blows up at because he has issues. Those he needs to take care of, if he is holding them inside, he needs to run, go do something, go talk to my uncles or something, write. . . I cannot deal with his issues and mine when I become the target of his anger. And it just pulls me a part; ruins my days. Makes me not sleep – something that is already a big issue for me.  And maybe I should not be writing about them on here. But I use no names, I share with no one but strangers, and I know how to deal when things fall a part. You write about them, share them, because that is how you  stay whole, learn how to deal – and I know better than him how things fall a part. If you leave them, if you left them you can go crashing down into a void that will take you years to extract yourself from – such is depression.

And I am trying to be forgiving but this time I cannot forget. Forgive seventy times seven Jesus says. Once would do it I think, if I could do that I would be grateful. Do not let yourself be caught in issues, in anger, in things like this – just talk about it calmly. Hear both sides of the issues, and listen to someone when they tell you, you are missing something big. It is easy to wear blinders. Do not make other people responsible for your actions, allow them their space, especially when they have no other choice in where they maybe. Forgive as much as you can, until even though at first you just say it, it becomes true. And try to remember that although people may not love you the way you want them to, maybe it is the best they can do.

For now, I do what my boyfriend says, and do nothing. Let it be and do a little cleaning and just let things be. As Paul McCartney sings ” …there will be an answer, let it be.”


A Passion for Writing and What Else is New

Well lately I have had the writing bug! I have waited for it to return, that feeling in my fingers, in my head; The constant flow of words and ideas, the itch in my fingers to type and bring to screen/paper what I have to say. A lot of this has to do with my recent articles for FLURT; I would say it was just what I needed for inspiration. Writing for magazines is particularly something I have always had this dream to do in the back of my mind. I applied to be an Assistant Editor with this magazine. It is just a volunteer position but I feel I could get some good experience out of the job. A lot of it would be just working from home and writing and editing articles; but I am not sure I am going to get the job even though It would be something great for me. FLURT is a magazine whose modo is the “empowerment of women,” something I can totally get behind but I know many woman are more feminist and brash than me when it comes to writing articles. So maybe the editor is looking for someone such as that, I do not know. I edited one article for her and I did okay, but clearly, I have things to learn when editing magazine articles, it is not the same as editing essays for friends and friends of friends from different universities.

Nonetheless, something that has become very clear to me this last while is where my talents actually lie and where a possible career may lie for me in the future – in writing! When I finish my Certified Interior Decorator’s program next year, I am planning on taking a couple of writing courses at night. Some in proofreading and editing and possibly some in grammar at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. In the near future, I am really considering a Master’s in Comparative Literature, comparing perhaps, a couple era’s in writing – in poetry perhaps? Maybe the time of John Milton and John Donne with Modern Poetry such as Emily Dickinson. My favorite poem by the way or tied for first is ” A Valediction Forbidding Mourning” By John Donne, how I think we should view death and how I secretly wish when I find the right guy, he will view our relationship. My second favorite poem is ” A Bird Came Down the Walk …” by Emily Dickenson, ; I just love the imagery that Dickenson has in all her poems and I plan to have the last two lines of her poem engraved on my soon to arrive in the mail iPad Mini. This is all aside though, what I really mean to emphasise, it has come to my attention after spending 3 years doing a program I am okay at, what I truly love is to write and to research. I love to write articles about anything; I would love again to write papers about anything, but particularly english literature or lifestyle type articles; I am passionate about writing, and I cannot say I am quite as passionate about Interior Design but given the chance to write about it, I could be. So that is where the Interior Decorating fits into the writing. The only problem with writing, I hear, is that it is one of the few professions where it is hard to make money doing.

Then, this is the part where I leave it up to God and say ” God you know what I love, and have led me on this path back to what I love (from my university degree in English) now I know you will have some special way for me to use it for good.” Perhaps, He already has; writing for this new magazine, even if it remains only writing articles, and a few years down the road a Master’s or dare I say it, in a new job?! Maybe in publishing or something related. I am not really sure yet because that is where the frustrating part begins with God providing only  ” … a lamp unto our feet;” Presently, I know what I should do and can do, but in the future I do not know.

Also, yes, done (x3) my Christmas shopping! I was done 2 weeks ago really, but the few extra things I had to pick up chocolate of course ( because if you pick that up too early you eat it all) and a little something for some people and now while everyone else has to deal with the pushing and shoving in the mall; I can stay home and write. I will still have to help my mom out a bit and probably brave the mall with a friend or two. Also, I have done a bit of ‘Black Friday’ pre-shopping and found a few items ( I have slowed down considerably in my shopping). I have often found that the sales and choice before Christmas are better than Boxing Week Sales so I have taken to picking out some clothes and things on sale beforehand. But that I am pretty much done too, new year equals new budget and financial plans.

Well, it is almost noon and I have not done much today so I will let you all go. Another side note, I had a surprise visit from my boyfriend last night so I went to meet him at his hotel and had a blast laughing and spending time with him. The only bad thing to happen was the cabby who ripped me off; Usually it costs about $35.00 to cab to my boyfriends Best Western on the South Side, well on the way home it cost me $57.00 and something is wrong there as I have taken the trip several times to my boyfriends choice hotel. My boyfriends car is broken so he has not been able to drive me. So I called in to the cab company and maybe I will get my $20.00 or so back. It would be appreciated! But I will go now and leave you with the questions:

What things in your life are you truly passionate about, have you been able to do the things you are passionate about as a profession? Also, have you ever been totally ripped of by someone at a store or otherwise? What happened? Hope you will share! Also, sorry about the lack of images – I am not impressed with the new way wordpress has of doing this on their free accounts and have yet to figure the whole system out!

Shopping for Women’s/Men’s Clothes and Beauty Products: My favorite Sites!

Lately, I have found that a lot of the shopping I have done for myself and for other people (for Christmas) has become internet based. I have learned a few things about internet shopping for clothing and beauty products along the way. For instance, it is best for sizing if you know what size you or somebody else are, or you can check the sizing chart on the site you are on. The best internet shopping sites have return labels included so you can return what you ordered for free; but after a couple of purchases on the same  site you will find out your size, and how the clothes fit in general and should have to return items less often. It is also best if you know what styles look good on you. So maybe you want to take a trip to the mall first and just go toyour favorite stores and try on different styles of clothing. For example, A-line skirts look better on women with hips and pencil skirts are good at creating curves for women who do not have such curvy hips. Depending on where you order from, you also want to keep in mind you may have to pay Custom’s fees on some out of country sites; prices which increase, as the total price of your order increase. For example, I ordered a dress off of the website a British Department stor,e not realizing that a dress that was 145 pounds in Britain was more like $245.00 Canadian dollars and $60.00 in Custom’s fees; so you want to be aware of  the value of different currencies in other countries. Sometimes though, an item is worth the extra cost despite the custom fees, it is entirely up to you. One thing good about House of Fraser for example, was that even though I had to pay to return the dress, House of Fraser returned both the cost of the dress and original cost of shipping for the dress to me back onto my MasterCard. Good stores in Canada will also let you return you order at their in store locations. Jacob for instance, will return your online purchases in store, but charge you $5.00 for each item you wish to return by Canada Post. Lastly, despite the fact that it is more secure to pay by PayPal, the only way you can return a PayPal item is online and not at the actual store.  So without further ado, here are my 5 current favorite online stores and some important information on them.


Image 1 of Coast Palladium Dress

  • ASOS ships world-wide for Free.
  • has interesting and eclectic clothing sold at a variety of prices.
  • British sizing so for instance, I am a 10/12 in Canadian sizes and usually a UK16 but check the sizing chart for sizing and fit.
  • You pay to return, takes up to 21 days. And you have to place a new order – cannot exchange items.


  • Banana Republic or the Gap often have sales from 25% to 40% off one or more items if you sign up for their newsletter. For instance, today Banana Republic has a 30% off  sale called “Merry Monday.” Sometimes these sales are only in store, sometimes only online, and sometimes both.  Also, BR and the GAP will sometimes mail coupons to you if you subscribed to their emails. Because they have sales or coupons it is usually best to wait to buy until these discounts are available unless you think an item is particularly cute  and will go fast.
  • Shipping free over $50.00
  • Your shipment comes with a return labes by which you can return items that do not fit for full refund by BR or the Gap through Canada post, so free to return. No exchanges by mail but easy to reorder or even order one of each size to try on. Can return at stores.
  • Regular sizes 0 to 14 for  women. Also, have petite, and sometimes tall ( ie. tall jeans inseam at the Gap).


New Arrivals - Feather Ice Dress

  • Unique retro and vintage based designs. If you are looking for something interesting or a pretty dress this is the place to shop.
  • Ships USPS around $11.00 for items around $100.00  takes around 2-3 weeks, or around $26.00 for faster shipping through UPS in about one week.
  • You have to pay to return your items but you have 30 days to return so you can choose the cheapest method possible for shipping so probably around $8-$14 dollers to return an item through USPS through Canada Post.
  • Can exchange on the shipping/return invoice
  • Canadians must pay through PayPal which is more secure than credit cards. You can even just put your credit card on PayPal.
  • Modcloth is  just women’s clothing unlike ASOS or BR and the Gap.


Professional Double Blazer

  • Canadian based clothing company with dressy, funky, colorful clothing for women and men.
  • Ground shipping 3-10 days $10.00 and 2-3 days $20.00 but I find their ground shipping really fast. Last shirt I ordered was at my house in 3 days.
  • Cannot exchange or return in items ordered in store, return through Canada Post, Fed Ex etc. at your own cost.
  • Much more variety and sizes available online than in store, the same with BR.


  • Almost any brand name of makeup, hair products, body products, and perfumes and/or colognes for men and women, available for shipping most anywhere in Canada over $75.00 is free – it adds up fast!
  • Can Ship returns to Sephora (call them first) at your own expense or even better go into the store Sephora in Canada or the USA and return for free on the same credit card you paid with.
  • Some items available online in the US are not available in Canada.
  • Takes a couple of weeks to ship but worth the convenience; nonetheless, it is so much fun going into the store to look at all Sephora’s products –  it is equally as good going to the store yourself except that Sephora is usually not out of certain products online.
  • All order’s come with 3 samples of your choice and you can collect points in store and online on your Sephora card to spend on larger sized samples for 100 and 500 points. Points add up fast!

Those are my 5 favorite current online shopping websites. What are your yours? What kind of incentives do they offer for you to shop online at their stores? Let me know!

Just To Make a Few Things Clear with Feminism

First International Symposium on Chinese Women...
First International Symposium on Chinese Women and Their Network Capital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On http://www.dictionary.comfeminism” is defined as ” the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to men.” Given this definition I am in complete agreement. Women should and do have the right to vote democratically for a leader, to hold public office (we do have a female Premier, Alison Redford), to work and go to school for whatever subject or vocational area they want, to have kids if they want; to be a person unto themselves with all rights and privileges equal to any man. To further this definition I look to Wikipedia who describes “feminist theory” as that:

which emerged from these feminist movements, aims to understand the nature of gender inequality by examining women’s social roles and lived experience; it has developed theories in a variety of disciplines in order to respond to issues such as the social construction of sex and gender.

But if I am really truthful with you there are some things we often hear associated with feminism and the like, that I do not agree with, or do not agree with completely; and there are things I like about my femininity (” a set of attributes. behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women such as “gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity” ( Wikipedia)). Many women would argue that “biologically” we are pretty equal to men but I just do not believe we are created that way. I am thinking of perhaps,why women can multitask and most men can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  Or why men compartmentalize things and women think of problems and life in general as everything being connected to something else; or that most women are not fire fighters or wrestler’s because it takes a woman of special strong, big-boned, and athletic build to be one. I mean, most women do not have the upper body strength that men do, it’s just that we are physically different. Some woman can do this, but most cannot.

I think woman have the right to try to be equal and do whatever a man can do, but why do we want to give up our femininity to do so? I like shopping, and playing with makeup, I am a girly girl. I like pink and I like snuggling up next to my boyfriend. I do not want to be as insensitive to others, as some men are; or not wear makeup like most men do not. And I think that woman have a unique view on the world, just as unique as men – but we need both viewpoints to balance each other out. And I do not want to be one of those crazy women who swears off men because she thinks men are all are in the way of  a woman’s potential.  Maybe these are extreme versions, but I like it when men act like men on dates. When they pay for the bill, pull out my chair, and pick me up. I like that my boyfriend gives me a little ‘swat’ on the ass, even though it maybe a guy thing to do, but he is just teasing!

Lets have our “feminism” but not at the expense of  making woman ashamed to stay at home with kids, or not be a CEO – just a secretary; we can do things that men do but do them our way. We do not have to act like men to be equal to them, we should be ourselves whoever we are and value that although we may want all the rights and freedoms men have (and should have) it is still okay to be just a girl – liking girly things, and not being able to throw like a boy. I am okay being a little traditional, but sometimes I feel feminism is not? So are you a feminist or are you like me, just happy to be your  girly-girl self in the world?

How Much Does It Really Cost to be a Woman and Sarah Maple – Getting Rid of the Sunshine Girl!

English: 'White Girl' - digital print - 60 x 4...
English: ‘White Girl’ – digital print – 60 x 40 ‘White Girl’ by Sarah Maple Sarah Maple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi everyone,

Here are my two latest articles from FLURT. I think I enjoyed writing the first article more and the second  article less because it was  a bit of a challenge because I had no idea who Sarah Maple was until I wrote the article and It took me a bit to read and understand where she is coming from in her various forms of artwork. So, yes woman are expensive but Sarah Maple reinforces the view that every woman is beautiful no matter who she is. Enjoy!

How Much Does It Really Cost to be a Woman?

Sarah Maple Wants You to Turn Your Back on Page 3the Sunshine girl

Stern Ambition

Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, many of us remember Marc Antony‘s famous speech concerning Brutus and the murder of Caesar and the line ” … ambition should be made of sterner stuff… ” What drives some of us to be ambitious and others not to be? Are our ambitions always plausible or possible? Should we strive to be ambitious? I do not know about you but I am one of those ambitious people who Marc Antony wanted Brutus to be  (not to commit crimes) but to achieve certain goals in my life; hence, another word for ambition might be goal oriented. But is my “ambition made of sterner stuff…?” Is yours? What are you willing to do for your ambitions? Those altogether are entirely different questions.

When I was in my last year of high school I took a course called Art 31: Portfolio Course. Under this course I did a big project in which I painted a big mural around the drama room door. I drew up a design with colored pencils and took it to Mr. Allen who looked at it and told me ” Wow, that’s ambitious.” I was so excited that he loved it and that he  called me ambitious. I had never considered my self ‘ambitious’ before but once I painted that mural I found out that I was. Sometimes ambition is just working hard, but sometimes it is more. I had designed a mural to frame the door with big green leafy vines climbing the door frame. In between those vines were drama and artistic things such as masks, a light used in drama productions, and various other things. It was detailed and the paint had a lot of texture to it. The finishing touch was  gold paint which highlighted and brought a sheen to everything on the mural. Later, I added to the mural over the music room door as well. But it truly, did take a lot of ambition to paint that mural every day until it was finished, to paint a big detailed design. Sometimes it is good to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone and take on a big project because you will learn a lot about your skills and how to do the project as you go. That was stern ambition. But ambition is not always a good thing.

Ambition at the cost of other people or other costs (blind ambition) is not a good thing. It hurts and causes pain without the ambitious person even being aware of it or despite being aware of it. It is a practical thing to have goals you want to meet  but impractical when you will do anything to get ahead. And “stern” ambition well, that takes discipline. Marc Antony wanted Brutus to have been disciplined and not kill Caesar; but Brutus was not disciplined enough. However, ambition can be a good thing too. Ambition can help us get things done, achieve healthy goals in life, love, and careers, and learn to work hard for what we have. The problem of course is balancing your ambition. Balancing your life is a very hard thing to do.

In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, the devils thrown down from Heaven and later, Adam and Eve after they eat the fruit from the forbidden tree are not balanced because they were now imperfect. It becomes impossible for Adam and Eve to create balance in their lives because they are constantly moving between pride and despair; despair that they cannot achieve what their ambitions are or too much pride in their ambitions so that they think they alone have  achieved their goals.  The same problem occurs with people today, balancing your life – your ambition – is impossible because people are imperfect. Yet ambition is needed to get things done and naturally lazy people are usually not goal oriented. So be ambitious but be ambitious so that you are not like Brutus doing something you should not be doing, forgetting what you know to be true and right, and trying at least to live a balanced life where you are not undone by your ambitions but not prideful of them at the same time.

Taylor Swift: A RedReview and Good Times Punch

English: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100.
English: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning! Recently I have been writing articles for an online Magazine called Flurt  a magazine who seeks to “empower young women.” A Red Review is the first article I wrote for them. The second, was an article called Good Times Punch. So please enjoy on the links provided, I hope to have many more articles to share with you as the months go on and hopefully some new blog posts as well:

Taylor Swift: A Red Review

Good Times Punch





Taylor Swift: A RedReview and Good Times Punch

English: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100.
English: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning! Recently I have been writing articles for an online Magazine called Flurt  a magazine who seeks to “empower young women.” A Red Review is the first article I wrote for them. The second, was an article called Good Times Punch. So please enjoy on the links provided, I hope to have many more articles to share with you as the months go on and hopefully some new blog posts as well:

Taylor Swift: A Red Review

Good Times Punch