Just a Memory or Maybe more?

People in the Bus for Public Transportation

Today I was thinking about how when you meet someone, you never know what kind of place that person will have in your life? Or what affect they will have on you or what lessons they will leave you with. Some types of relationships such as some family, for example, will last a long time but with other people it is  hard to know. What exactly determines that that little girl you played with on the playground when you were 5 years old, will through the years become one of your best friends? How come that person you had so many good times with in university – is now just an estranged acquaintance? Whatever the case, I think that people come into our lives for a reason – to fulfill a need or play a role that is important in our lives or theirs. The bad side of this of course, is when you cannot determine that reason someone is in your life or that they will unexpectedly leave your life after meaning so much to you; such as a friend who suddenly moves away for a new job, a divorce after 20 years, or a grandparent that suddenly passes away.

I truly believe though that whatever the reasons people ‘come’ and ‘go’ through out our lives, all we truly need are a few people to depend on – some good friends and family to help us get through the bad times, and for us to help them. But you never really know the effect you can have on a stranger. $5 dollars can mean the world to someone homeless who is actually hungry, or sponsoring a child for $30.00 dollers a month can create a whole new life for a child  in Africa, a smile can instantly make someone having a bad day feel better especially if that person smiling is attractive (but not only!). The little ways people affect each other can help us get through a horrible day or just a boring one, can give hope where it is needed, and faith in human kind.

Sometimes the lessons we learn from other people are not always the nicest but they can be profound. My first adult crush taught me to look beyond a handsome face, that chemistry is not everything, and someone who will talk to you and make an effort for you is better than someone who only wants to play games. It was the first time I was really hurt by a guy in that way, but the lessons I learned were invaluable. My great grandmother told me not to cry for her when she died because she would be in heaven. This was also a hard request to grant but an utterly vital lesson to learn, that although this life on earth seems like it is important, what is more is our lives with Jesus in Heaven after we die. Another thing I learned from my grandpa (besides his wicked ability at chess) was when he told me that I would always be his little girl. So I always think back to my grandpa and the lessons he taught me and even though it has been thirteen years since he has been gone, the things he taught me will carry on through me and one day through my children. How we affect each other’s lives is vital especially if we look to helping others, and hurting people the least we can.

So I challenge you to go out into the world and affect people for better, think about the change we can cause in other people, think about the lessons we can learn and be taught. There are so many people in this world and you never know how you will each touch each other’s lives, negatively, positively, or neutrally. But we can try to work with others and hopefully not against them, if indeed time will allow.