A Perfect Birthday

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...
Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I turned 27 and as I become older and older I find that birthdays have less significance, even though I think that everyone should be treated special and spoiled on their birthday no matter what their age. But what I mean that is after 21 there are no real important birthdays for a while. Maybe 30 will be big but even so it is just another stage of adulthood and we do not place emphasis on adult birthday’s such as we do on children’s birthdays or even young adult’s birthdays. Once you are officially an adult and can drink in the states, well that is it. Nonetheless, yesterday I felt like I had a really special birthday. A lot of my 18 to 20 something birthday’s have been good but I think this one stands out.

I started the day visiting my Baba with my mom and dad. My Baba sweet lady that she unexpectedly  told me that 27 ” is not so old” so I felt happy. And when your 80 something I guess that anything under 50 must seem quite young. But I did her nails and my mom dealt with some water issues she has had in her suite.  I had come that day not only to see my Baba but so that my mom could drop me off at West Edmonton Mall so that I could wait there for my boyfriend who was meeting me at 12 pm. My dad dropped me off at the mall at 10:40 am in the morning so I had some time to kill doing what else – shopping. Leaving a girl alone in that big mall with her credit card is a risky thing to do. At the same time I have become aware that I have shopped too much since spring; recently, even I have decided I have made enough clothing purchases to last me to the Christmas Sales with maybe the exception of the gift cards I have received on my birthday. This decision to save money and not shop so much after this month still left me a little time and money to shop in July. So I frugely picked up a pair of Lululemon groove crops (the one’s I had earlier this summer had a flaw and I was refunded a gift card), some make up I needed, and a couple bras I also needed. I have a couple of packages coming in the mail, and that is it for clothing spending then. But it was a nice way to spend an hour on my own looking in stores I usually do not look in, in a half empty West Edmonton Mall because it was a Monday morning. I was able to check into a few things I am considering already for Christmas presents such as beginning a Pandora (or copy Pandora) necklace or bracelet for my mom.

Once my boyfriend arrived (I convinced him to meet me a little earlier at 11:30 am) we had coffee and breakfast at Starbucks and just got to talk and for me that was really nice because my boyfriend is quite (at least in English his 3rd language)  and I really enjoyed spending time with him. Then we went to some of the stores he likes looking clothes in. He was looking for a T-shirt or pair of jeans that he likes. We did not find them but it is fun to shop with a guy who actually enjoys shopping (unlike my dad who will not set foot in a mall) and help him pick out clothes. Being a little taller than my height, skinny, but built, my boyfriend has a lot of options in men’s clothing. After, I got to hang out with for a few hours at his place and it was just nice being close and talking before he goes back to work for three weeks. Having a boyfriend a really nice and hot one well, that definitely makes a birthday special compared to other birthdays.

Once, I got home my family whom I adore, had a wonderful supper for me. Bacon wrapped chicken, half pieces of baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, strawberry and sliced almond salad with raspberry vinaigrette, and to top it off a big chocolate cake from Safeway that was so chocolatly and sweet and so decadent. I was stuffed. I got to open cards, make some of the money back I spent at Victoria Secret, and I also got a beautiful spring/fall coat from my mom and dad. My grandma also came and had a good time so I was happy and got to talk with her a bit.

At night I got to relax and read and realized I had had an extremely satisifying time that day and was blessed with energy to take part in everything I did. It is not so bad being 27. I think I will probably take that back some day in the next year, but for now at least it is a true fact.

I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends going bowling but today, was perfect.