Saturday Mornings With Mom – A Late Mother’s Day Post

English: Mom Sangwal Mahidol na Ayudhya with h...
English: Mom Sangwal Mahidol na Ayudhya with her only daughter, Mom Chao Galyani Vadhana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A typical Saturday morning for me begins around 7:30 am. My mom and I, get up early, hurriedly get ourselves ready, and pack a bag full of things for my Baba who lives at a nursing home of sorts. We buy her apple sauce in different flavors, a certain kind of cookies she loves, some toilet paper, kleenex, and occasionally hygienic items or clothing items. My Baba likes everything to be the same and often complains that she has “too much stuff” when we bring her items, especially the clothing or hygienic items. So far she has not complained about the cookies 🙂

We drive to my Baba’s “home” in the West End stopping first at the Mayfield Common Second Cup for a couple of skinny hot chocolates and sometimes some breakfast, such as a muffin or a sausage roll. Sometimes we stop at the Save’On’Foods to pick up Baba a news paper to read and some of the items I mentioned earlier. After, 2nd Cup we visit Baba anywhere for an hour to two hours. My mom curls my Baba’s hair; Baba has nice hair for an 87-year-old – it’s still half brown. I sit and watch TV and my mom puts items away in my Baba’s room where Baba can keep track of those items. Sometimes mom has to hide a few things because Baba will not let her keep that many items there so something goes in the medicine cabinet or in the back of Baba’s closet. Later, we bring her coffee and a snack.

Baba’s memory is not good and she does not have much to talk about so she constantly asks what time her pills are at and what time lunch is at. We try to convince her to go on a walk to the kitchen or outside, but she never wants to go.

What is the point of me telling you this? The point, is that even though elderly people can be well, the way they often are, you still need to take care of them. To visit them as often as you can, bring them treats, and help them not to be so lonely. Most of the time it’s my Baba sitting in her room watching TV, napping, going to meals, phoning, and having the occasional visitors like my Aunt Betty. Taking care of my Baba is what my Mom and Aunt do for my Baba every week because they love my Baba and she is their mother. This is the kind of thing you do for your mother’s, even though sometimes it is not the easiest or most pleasant job; even though you might rather be out doing other things on certain days of the week, especially Saturday.

After, my mom and I visit my Baba we go for lunch or to do some kind of shopping. We go up to West Edmonton Mall, to home decor shopping at Mayfield Common, to my Mom’s quilting store, to the farmer’s market down town, or to some other different event. This is how I spend my time with my mom on Saturday, doing something hopefully, we both enjoy. Doing something, cause it’s nice to get out, especially in the Spring and Summer and to walk around and eat/shop and browse and spend time with each other. I do not know how my mom will be when she is 87, but I know I will take care of her too when she is like my Baba. I will spend time with her, and teach my kids to spend time with their elderly grandparents as well. Family is important and nobody should be forgotten. And as we each grow older, we teach the next generation the importance of family – no matter who they are and what they are like, that we are always there for each other, and that we need to take care of each other. That is the point of family, having people to depend on.

So I hope that even though it’s not Mother’s Day anymore, you are still all taking care of your mother’s, cause they took care of you, and they are your family. I hope you take care of her no matter what age she is. And I hope you take care of the rest of your family too.

How do you spend time with your mother, on Mother’s Day or otherwise? Do you spend time with your Grandmother‘s as well? Do you think it’s time well spent?