Massage Day – Universal Contour Wrap

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

Mmmmm…. massage day, one of my favorite days. I have a spa on Jasper Ave I go to called the Beauty Lounge they are a fabulous, reputable, and a relaxing place to get a massage at. Not to mention, they have had some great deals on Living Social and Groupon where a girl on a budget can get a massage for an unbelievable price. The atmosphere is decadent, black and white decor, with lounge chairs, mirrors, black beaded chandeliers, and black and white vases. The vibe is a little different than other spas, less muted and more funky. I like it there. The massage was great as usual, although I always do forget that therapeutic massages hurt a bit; but you feel so much better as the masseuse works out the knots in your body. So I completely recommend The Beauty Lounge for a great 1 hour massage.

Moreover, I happened to notice an eye-catching brochure on one of their glass side tables as I was waiting for my appointment to begin. The brochure was for something called the Universal Contour Wrap. You can visit these websites: and if you want more information. But basically, this special wrap of clay, minerals, and bandages, guarantees you at least a 6 inch loss in body inches in just 2 hours; however, some women’s testimonial’s on the back of the brochure’s said they lost as much as 11 to 18.5 inches. The universal contour wrap website recommends you go for 3 treatments for best results but you can go for just one if you want. Additionally, they guarantee that this 6 inch loss in body size will last for 30 days or you get a free body wrap. So this is not a permanent solution, but if you are looking to decrease your dress size by a size or two for your wedding, or vacation, or some special occasion it seemed like a worthwhile option. The only thing to consider is the price, the website said it cost about $200 for one body wrap and up to $600 for a set of three. I do not know how much this would cost at The Beauty Lounge as their website did not quote an actual price. But I would totally consider getting this procedure if I was getting married or going on a big trip somewhere. Although, exercise I think is still your best option if you can manage the work. I am not sure exactly what all these clay and minerals do to your body other than “detoxify” it so if there are an implicit dangers in this procedure I have no idea. Maybe getting the Universal Contour Wrap would be a good option in conjunction with exercise, to smooth everything out, or lose that last stubborn bit of fat. What do you think? Would you ever considering getting a beauty procedure such as this at this price? Do you think it’s safe? Please comment below or on Facebook.