Opalescence Necklace

Opalescence Necklace


The Butterdome Spring Craft Show

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jewelry 254 (Photo credit: Craft*ology)

Last weekend, my mom and I attended the Butterdome Spring Craft Show. The craft show was an eclectic mix of artisan craft items including jewelry, clothing, speciality food items, artwork, pottery, and various other craft items. You can find a variety of interesting things at craft shows to buy or simply look at. The atmosphere at craft show is one of possibility and hope, of being able to find unique one of kind items that are not sold anywhere else. It is similar to the feeling you get at the farmer’s market without the vegetables, plus, the items at the Butterdome seemed to be more of a professional quality – this is not to say that you cannot find similar quality items at the farmer’s market just that ‘farmers’ part of market is less of a reason in a sale like the Butterdome Spring Craft Show. I was quite satisfied with our purchases here and I wanted to share with you some of the special items we found last weekend:

1.The first item I set my eye on was a casual black bamboo skirt from Eco Canadien A La Mode Clothing, a company called Voila by Adreanne Dandeneau. Besides the design, what was especially neat about this skirt was that it was made out of bamboo. Unlike tree’s bamboo is a grass that grows rapidly. Recently, I had done a report on bamboo flooring for an interior design Products class at the U of A, so I was anxious to own a piece of bamboo clothing. Although a bit pricey at $79.00 I was glad I bought the skirt and the Voila booth had many more interesting comfortable and eco-friendly clothing such as fitted bamboo dresses, and flowey tank tops. For more information you can visit Voila’s website at www.VoilaAndrieanne.com.

The second item, we purchased was a beautiful piece of pottery, an asian noodle bowl for my dad that included a chopsticks and a place to stick these chopsticks on the bowl. There were several different pottery companies selling bowls like this but I particularly like the light blue coppery design of the one we chose for him. It was $25.00 and a good deal.

The third item I purchased, was a $15.00 silver ring very plain, with little notches going around the ring. It was nothing special but there were several companies selling a lot of unique jewellery. I just wanted a simple ring to wear every day and this fit both my budget and my taste. We also found other interesting jewellery from a company called Opalescence which was handmade glass jewellery, They are a Calgary based company who sell various colors of glass pendants of different sizes and prices, that can be placed on a chain that they sell, or that you already own. My mom found three beautiful pendants for $10.00 each and got extra chains for $5.00 each. I also found a nice pink pendant for my grandma for $25.00, plus the $5.00 chain. Opalescence writes in their pamphlet that their jewellery is made of “[d]ichroic glass . . . that has two colours, transmitted and reflected. (Dazzling Dichro 1)” This process is achieved by ” applying multiple, micro-thin layers of different metals . . . to the surface of the glass” (Dazzling Dichro 1). For more information visit their website at www.opalescencejewelry.com.

The last company I wanted to share with you about is a company called Those Great Little Books from Ponoka, AB. See there website at www.greatlittlebooks.com. At Those Great Little Books they “re-create” “handbound volume[s] of books using “Coptic,” “Rustic,” and “Contemporary Binding (Those Great Little Books 1). Coptic binding is when  “intricate and painstakingly beautiful stitch[ing]” is “woven across an open spine” (TGLB 1). Rustic binding is a “variation on stab binding” and Contemporary binding is where a book is “cased . . . in a hard cover (TGLB 1). What is so interesting about these books is getting old classics, children’s books, and journals in an old style of binding. For example, I was seriously considering a copy of Pride and Prejudice with Coptic binding for around $30.00.

If you are a fan of craft shows and all the neat and unique items that can be found there, there is another show coming to Edmonton this weekend May 11- 13, 2012 called Make-It The Handmade Revolution. It includes 100 crafters and designers (including the cool book binding company) from all over, plus “live music” and an “awesome” vibe” (Make it Coupon).  Visit www.makeitedmonton.com. There is even a groupon for this, two admissions for $4.00. So if you are interested check it out!

PS. I have pictures of some of the items we purchased but for some reason it is not working to copy/paste or upload to my blog so I will try to post them in a separate blog.

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