Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Whisp in the Wind

Can you see her? Gesturing to me and wringing her hands desperately trying to make me understand something. “Well spit it out Bernice,” we always use to tell her and she’d laugh, shrug, and with a giggly sunshiney but quiet voice explain a funny story.

Bernice and I always use to go to the gazebo in our favorite park and talk the situation out when she or I had a problem. The last time she spoke to me she was concerned about my new husband Davey. ” Jackie” she sighed, ” he’s just not right for you. There’s something about him I can’t put my finger on . . . and he hates me, seems threatened by me as your sister.” I shrugged off Bernice’s accusations, although, she had been right that Davey wasn’t for me. 

Bernice doesn’t talk to me anymore or meet me anywhere but at the gazebo. She gestures and flails her hands and I beg her to talk. My sister is a pale ethereal figure who tries to make me understand something. What? I don’t know. Plus, there’s this funny dark bruising around her neck. She won’t explain. It’s as if she’s a ghost. . .

Word Count: 193

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How’s Your Year Shaping Up So Far?

Prompt: How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far.

It’s a difficult task to look at your year in terms of challenges and accomplishments and put it all in perspective. I suppose I’d prefer to turn the question back on you and have you comment on how your year has been thus far? Any takers? But in all seriousness it’s been an okay year. Nothing to brag about but nothing to get upset about either.

My biggest challenges I think revolve around my health and will for much of my life. If you think of yourself going to sleep most of you wake up with a full battery or a full amount of mental and physical energy. When I wake up in the morning I have three hours worth of physical energy in my battery and two hours worth of mental concentration. It was extremely disappointing for me when I lost physical and mental energy last summer and went down to the amount I currently enjoy. For me this means less time I can be out at night, less time I can be with my friends conversing, and less time I can spend studying for classes or spend reading. I really miss it! It also means less time I can spend walking around sight seeing and shopping on vacation and that hurts to as you know I am going to Las Vegas in two weeks. 

Plus, the amount of exercise I can physically do is sad indeed. Recently, I have started doing 7 minutes of exercise a day — 15 squats, 15 push-ups, 45 seconds plank, 15 toe raises, 15 bicycle crunches, 15 knee raises, and 15 diagonal knee raises — and it was extremely tough beginning that and I’m proud I can do that but it still kills me that I can’t do more and that that is less then I have ever been able to do. Keeping my weight down is always an issue since I can’t exercise but I eat very carefully and try to eat small healthy portions. Of that I am proud.

I am proud of my online classes even though editing is not always the easiest task for me because of the detail involved. But I go over my work a number of times and mistakes are becoming easier to pick out as well as copy editing symbols easier to remember and use. I am also proud of myself for submitting fiction in a course and receiving good and bad comments I can learn from and rewrite some of the fiction I submitted.

I managed awhole year without a dog in the house. This may not seem like such a big accomplishment but when you are at home all day it is nice to have a companion. And I really miss Nikki at times, I still miss her, but I have managed to live without sharing my food, without tumble weeds of hair, without Nikki pestering me to go out every 5 minutes, I have managed to live without cuddles, without dog kisses, and barking every time someone comes to the door. These aspects of pets you adore and hate but you learn to live with them and miss them when they are no longer there. 

I have taken many writing courses and thus, improved my writing. I have learned to think of new ideas to write about, to write pieces of fiction, and to give compliments and constructive criticism to other bloggers. I have written a lot of poetry some good and some bad and I have taken many pictures both good and bad as well. 

To sum up my year, it has been a year of difficulties health wise and learning writing wise and I couldn’t be happier to have the year turn out like it did. Now is your turn, how was your year?

Do Clothes Make The Woman?

Prompt: How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

  It has always been important to me to have clothes that make me look good ever since I was a little girl. When we were poorer and did not have so much money I hated that I had to wear second hand clothing from some other little girl but I knew we were poor so I didn’t complain much about it. I have had to buy my own clothes since about grade eight and I did not have much money to buy clothes until I was in university. Before that, Christmas or my Birthday was a grand affair because I got to go shopping and buy whatever I liked at the stores I liked. But I still always bought only clothes on sale to stretch my funds.

Luckily in highschool, we wore uniforms but there was always one day a month where we got to wear street clothes so it was a big deal to have a new outfit every month. I had a bit of money so most often I was able to scrape enough money together to buy a new shirt at least. In university, I wore what I wanted and mostly had the money to shop a bit and buy what I liked every so often. Luckily, my tastes ran to Gap, Jacob, and Hollister and those stores had sales very often. So usually, I could always find a shirt or two and occasionally I would buy an item from Lululemon since wearing yoga clothes to school from Lululemon was a big deal. 


 My style now runs more to what I like to wear. Every couple months I can get an outfit I like and I can buy it from where I would like to which is usually Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Lululemon, or Victoria Secret. I enjoy shopping but I also learned from over shopping about 3 years back, that too much shopping can get you into debt (along with other things). I have a budget of what I can spend on clothes or even makeup and I stick to those budgets.

I think you can tell that appearance is quiet important to me but you have to wear what suits you and looks good on you. I am almost 30-years-old and I’m a couple sizes bigger then what I was in university and I can’t wear the tight bar tops and short skirts I use to on a night out. I can’t wear tummy revealing tops tops to school and I would rather people see me as professional or at least well put together. I would always care about this because my mother taught me to but also because I am sick and can’t work I look a lot more approachable, intelligent, and with it if I dress nice. This does not mean I will always be able to shop at Anthropologie but wherever I can shop I will shop to look nice.

  I feel better if I am dressed nice as if I have my armour on to face the world. I feel more confident, and more like myself. I feel ready to face the day and take on the tasks I need to get done. Even if I am just going to a doctors appointment I dress up and don’t wear yoga pants. This makes me feel I am on the same level with my physician and that he or she knows I mean business and can comprehend well what they are saying because I am educated and have insight into what they are saying to me. Do clothes make the woman? No, the woman makes the clothes and they help her present herself in life.

Good Food and Good Times

Well, it’s been a little while since I wrote something that wasn’t poetry or flash fiction. I love writing both but I felt a bit burnt out on poetry ideas after NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) despite the fact that we were given prompts in April. I don’t know how people do the challenge where you write so many thousands of words for a novel in a month. For me my writing of a novel is coming slowly.

I am just finishing up my last course on Fiction and we were able to submit some of our own novels or pieces of writing to the class and one of my projects is going to be to really work on that first chapter again according to some of the feedback I got from the class and instructor on How Was Last Night For You? and I do have a chapter four and five coming along the ideas are there it’s just a matter of putting them to the computer then reworking the chapters until I come up with something acceptable. I am planning to do that this summer and get a few more chapters down and get into the plot a little more but that will be mid June when i have time to do that. So, you are stuck with the usual until that point. I am planning to do a ton of reading this summer to and I find that always inspires me in my writing.

The Copy Editing course ended. Thank goodness I enjoyed it, unlike the proofreading course. Even the exam didn’t seem so bad because I printed out all the material for the open book exam, which took about a week, and there were so many more exercises to do in this course. Another thing that helped was that the material was somewhat familiar from Proofreading and Introduction to Copyediting. I am hoping to speed the process of this Editing program up a bit now that I am three courses into it. I’m hoping to do three courses a year. Although, I was planning to do that this year that didn’t become possible until it was too late and I was half way through my Fiction course.

I wasn’t able to go to the OneRepublic concert I had tickets for, which seems to be an alright situation to occur because they didn’t play for long anyways. My mom managed to give the tickets away at work day of as a friend I was going with didn’t go and my boyfriend has sciatica or something similar in his leg. He’s on pain medication now at work and seems to be doing fine until doctors can do an MRI on A. Although, he was in pain that didn’t stop A and I from doing a few things, mostly food related, in the two weeks he was off this round.Usually he only has one week off but because of doctors visits etc. he took an extra week.

First of all, I wanted to take him for an early Birthday dinner to split of up the cost of his present and dinner. We walked into Red Lobster and I was like I am okay I can do this, they serve chicken here but the fishy smell just made me nauseous. I hate seafood by the way, as Dori on Finding Nemo says ‘ Fish are friends, not food.’ So, A and I left Red Lobster and walked over to Olive Garden which he loves anyways and we both got some chicken dish to go with our salad and soft hot garlicy bread sticks. A said it was delicious and somehow the following week we found ourselves going into Earls around the supper hour. I had just wanted dessert that was it but I quickly re-evaluated when my stomach began to grumble. A got some spicy chicken dish with coleslaw and mashed potatoes and and I a thin crust pizza with cheese and some delicious spice — a Margarhetti Pizza I think it was called/ Then we dug into dessert and that topped everything we had eaten. Chocolate lava brownie piping hot and oozing with chocolate with toffee sauce and vanilla gelato. A said, ” I could eat like eleven of these.” And he rarely is so complimentary about something that isn’t his own cooking. But we enjoyed dessert immensely.

A is back in a week and May 21 is his birthday. I need to get to the store next week and get him a watch at Fossil. I pretty much know exactly what I am looking for but I don’t think I will get to that mall where Fossil is until the day of his birthday. I have to pick up some cupcakes too so I’m crossing my fingers that they still have a cupcake place at Kingsway.

Then, there is all the preparation for going on a trip: getting American money, buying travel size products because I’m only bring a small suit case on a 5 day trip, and the usual purchases I have to make when I first get paid. Basically, I am going to Las Vegas to Shop but I have to shop to go there.

That’s all for now.

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Beneath the Lake

The ducks set down near the stone trail on the waterfront. There is a stonewall between them in the lake and it’s a good thing there is. Many of an unlucky duck has settled on the lake only to be sucked down except for a feather. 

I was told never to go near that lake, not to set a foot at the water’s edge on the other side and not to climb the wall that separates the old dusty stone path from the water. But I imagine whatever is down there in the water could jump up and get anyone near that stone fence or on the opposite shore.

I am walking Ralphie the duchshound on the path trying to stay away from the water’s edge when Ralphie pulls his leash out of my hands and runs back the way we came. I carefully peer over at the water when a wet black tentacle grabs my leg and starts pulling me in. The creature, some slimy black, monstrosity has a grip on my leg so tightly I think it will fall off. I scream to no avail. Then I am drowning in the water and is that blood? Yes, my blood, as the water froths and my hand reaches out one last time. But only the ducks have heard and seen me.

Word Count: 190


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Poem “Changeling”

In this world we  live

Each of is changing

Some of you might call

Each of us a Changeling

We try to stay the same

But life has its ways

Of taking our plans away

Changelings alter

We must stay the course

And like Alice choose a path

Because nothing will ever 

Be the same again

Good golly, worlds turning

Around and around my friend

And it will never stop

It will turn again

This is the way life goes

Tipping us on or bottoms.


Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Kiss

Pearl swam up to the boat with a flick of her tail. She leaned over the side of the boat and stared deeply into the eyes of a bewildered young man.

Pearl was gorgeous and she knew the effect she had on the lovely young man with deep brown eyes. She began to sing him a tune in the human tongue. ” I love to swim in the ocean, I love to swim in the sea. Don’t be afraid now. I am here to see only you …” Pearl flung her luxurious dark brown hair back and fluttered the long lashes of her purple eyes. Her ruby red lips opened in a smile as she rose out of the water more, her naked breasts bounced enticingly.

Pearl set her sights on the handsome young man again and his deep set brown eyes, she brought herself to kiss him and he trembled in her arms. Then she pulled him hard and fast underneath the water breathing into his mouth. And she carried him away to the land of the merpeople never to be seen again.

Word Count: 164 

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Poetry – ” Rise Up “

When the notes begin to play, hum along and sing the chorus if you may.

The sounds of silence lowly rising as the tide, a gentle splashing growing;

Voices raised in some kind of nameless praise, pick up the pace now begin the melody.

A child’s vocals raised in anthem sweet and dolce as the hum begins its throw;

Begins to rise the chords of voices heavenly, putting out the call to one another.

Alto, Tenor, Bass, then the Soprano’s join in the shockingly beautiful voice of the child.

The piece comes together now, can you feel it rising, it gives me shivers this singing.

The breathing of the talent on a cold, and moonless night, bring sounds to the darkness.

Acapella gently then the bass begins to tremble and delighted sound takes on the wind and trees and brings us to our knees;

Put out the call, put out the call, everyone’s going to rise up and the power of the sound simply out of bounds growing as the tears they ripple.

Out of the lonely mans eye and he sings along in tenor softly giving praise to earths majesty to heavens winged Angels.

Put out the call, put out the call, it’s time to take some action.

And sound surrounds in blessed harmony and tears flow like water pouring from the faucet;

Raise the living and the dead with this song we sing – something’s going to rise up, rise up, dead bones are gonna rise up and her themelancholy. 

The voices are fading out, slowly as we breath, tears and sniffles as we sing ever growing quietly.

Something’s going to rise up, rise up, and we go back to dolce and the mournful sound of a child’s voice the last note to be sung.

Something’s going to rise up, rise up you’ve woken it with your song;

Dead are going to rise, the spirit of the voices woke them with your sound.

Go back to sleep, the song is complete, be careful what you raise up today.


It’s a Wonderful Life

I am taking the cab over to see A and to take him out for an early birthday supper. When I show up at his apartment a little old lady lets me in in a unit adjacent to A’s unit and A is stretched out on the couch in a favorite t-shirt and dirty white sweat pants. The sweat pants bother me but I would never say anything such as haven’t you got some dish soap to put on those pesky stains but it’s okay because A always changes to look good in public: another name brand t-shirt and expensive ripped jeans and new black shoes. 

He wants to go to Red Lobster for his dinner but I go inside and can hardly stand the seafood smell and know even if I order chicken it will taste like it smells. So, we head to Olive Garden which is delicious: soft warm bread, salad chicken Marsala and chicken something else for A. Also, he orders some big drink non-alcoholic because he doesn’t drink and I get to try real sangria which is less fizzy or sweet then my favorite sangria at Joeys. But a glass of red wine with fruit in it is good too.

 We are there till 6:45 pm and arrive home by 7ish and just my luck one of my favorite movies is on Jurassic Park but the second movie The Lost World and I watch that until 11 pm and then the news. A went to work out and briefly debate leaving my makeup on to go out later. I really should have but I’m so tired and when A leaves around midnight I snuggle into his brand new duvet and fall asleep having brought an extra sleeping pill because it’s hard to sleep in someone else’s bed. But I fall asleep quickly and A is such a gentlemen and sleeps until late morning in the living room as not to wake me.

I get up around noon and shower and start making latkes for breakfast when A sneaks up behind me. I make two for me and one for him as he is having eggs. They are a treat, he offers to buy me some but I insist he doesn’t because latkes are so many calories plus we put jam and the laughing cow cream cheese on them. I am full but A is always trying to feed me, pop, cookies, and whatever else. I am big enough, I insist. 

We watch Simpsons and a movie then go for a nap where I get to be nice and close to A. He drives me home and we increase our cholesterol with a stop at McDonalds then A actually comes into talk with my parents both my Mom and Dad. I am a happy girl and have enjoyed the weekend. If only I’d been able to stay up to go out. Oh well. . . 

Something New

Prompt: When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

I must admit I’m a pretty boring person now and because of my chronic fatigue need to be in control or trust the person in control of an event at all times. I live a pretty repetitive life and sometimes when I do something extraordinaire it’s not something unusual for others but it is a big step for me.

One thing I can think of is learning not to be so shy because I have to advocate for myself or no one else will. I make a point of looking people in the eye when they pass by and smiling if it’s safe. I use to have this bad habit of ignoring people I felt uncomfortable around but now I realize I was being rude and ignorant. So if a homeless man approached me and talks a little bit downtown I talk to them, sometimes all they need is for someone to talk to them. Pretty much anyone who wants to talk to me I make a point of saying something unless they are a creeper. I think we’re all human and just want to be acknowledged. If someone is talking about me behind my back I smile at them and ask them how there day is going. And if someone wants to know why I have to leave a place early or I don’t feel well I briefly explain about the depression and chronic fatigue. Very few people have given me a funny look or treated me badly because of it. Most people are sympathetic and I have had few experiences where people have thought I was weird. I think mostly, because I appear perfectly normal and act normal. Not all people who have mental illness have these gifts. 

So, not being shy and responding to people normally and explaining my illness like it’s nothing is a big step for me. So is talking to guys my age and making new friends and trying to keep working on some old friendships.