Day 24 – NaPoWriPo –  Satire – “Tyger, Lamb, and Dead Sylphs”

– I wrote this earlier but it fits the prompt to do a Satire or Parody of a Poem:

The tyger in the room prowls and flicks his tail.He stretches his long feral body and gives a lazy stretch.

He knows he has me cornered, cowering like a lamb.
My inner nature of experience, he is the tyger “burning bright.”
But he fights with my soul, one of innocence, a lamb lead to the slaughter.
So, either I’m a monster prowling around or a carcass many enjoy with Greek food.
Yes, I am stuck!
Between a rock and a hard place, to be exact.
And swirling streams of consciousness, suck and scar my soul.
I am the honest one, the good girl.
No I am the liar the cheater, the tyger “with immortal eye” whose “fearful symmetry” I deplore.

Oh, Blake, you knew human nature all to well.
We too easily destroy ourselves by making bad choices.
These choices lead us to dark paths, though some experience is good, the rest is aghast.
Though some innocence is good, we need experience to make it through life.
All I wanted was some new experiences, to have a wandering nature as I go in life.
But curiosity he is a cat, one with orange stripes and deep fathomless eyes.
And the fluff of lamb hair I hold so dear, she went up in a poof of cloud to live with sylphs and other innocent beings that are no more.
I am a creature of experience now and I don’t know what to do?
Give a chance to someone new or hold with my old faithful who always returns to me.

He is not perfect, but he learns, and knows me like no other.
My new danger lurks and knows me as I tell my story, knows I am difficult.
But knowing and living with are two different ways.
And I am scared to know him, lest I be branded with a scarlet A and called a traitor.
What actions do I take tyger flicking eyes towards his pray, a blue-eyed blond steak ?
Or, what do I do little Ariel, and your Sylphs?
Are her locks still unshorn my lamb?
To be within these places screams danger and sensuality.
Tyger let me rest awhile, I cannot always be on guard.
My hair is gold and Bishop once told a story where a lock was snipped – he shorn the lamb and I must protect her or I am lost.
All for The Rape of a Lock, a tyger, a lamb, a and a Scarlet letter emblazoned upon my chest.
Oh, where’s my sylph, she is no more.




Sonnet “You’re Gone”

I miss you like the warm

I miss you like the air

How come you’re not there

I miss your strong form
I remember your smile

I remember that look

I remember what you took

My heart to beguile
I know that you’re gone

I know that you’re happy

You told me to be happy

But I miss you is my song
Death is a journey you took alone;

But when we meet, death we will condone.

Day 23 – NaPoWriMo – Cards – ” Queen of Hearts”

Queen of hearts

Lady of discontent

That you should have

Your roses painted Red

By a deck of cards

Without two thoughts

To their removed heads

Queen of hearts who should undo you

But a little girl following a white rabbit

Alice, I presume?

How long is too long?

Sometimes not even a second.

What path does she take but yours

And your giant head explodes

Undone by ” my dear ” 

Off with her head

But Alice grew and grew

And woke up.

Now you’re just.

A playing card.

‘Till The Love Runs Out

I’m getting excited! The reason being this time in one month and a few days I will be in Las Vegas. I have been there four times previously and this is my first trip with just my mom and I. I was checking out prices for when we want to go and things are looking good. For instance, $429.00. + taxes for Caeser’s Palace or the Parisian. Three hundred something for Balli’s or Planet Hollywood. This is in the week of course, and from Monday to Friday but the prices are so much better in the week time it’s worth it. Many people like to go across the weekend but I find things are just as hoppin’ in the week and slightly less busier. So, when Mom returns from China I will book Las Vegas. I need to check out some shows that are on right now too so we can get tickets for that. 

Being alone is becoming less and less lonely as the twelve days go by. I’m now just one module short of finishing the copy editing course work. Then I have some studying to do before the final exam becomes available after April 29. Things have been going well except for this last module where you make up a sheet of standard spellings, punctuations, numbers, etc. that may differ then the house guy. The problem occurs when I receive a page or 2 of text then I really don’t know where to begin or where to look for what. But oh well, maybe there is more practice available or I can just pretend with some sort of document. 

I am also looking forward to seeing OneRepublic in concert next Wednesday at Rexall place. They are a favorite group of mine and the first none country concert I’ll have been at at the coliseum. Popular songs of theirs include ” Counting Stars” and ” ‘Till the Love Runs Out.” I hear they do some great covers of certain other band’s music as well. Also, did a little Vegas shopping to wear in Las Vegas: 2 pairs of shorts, 2 lovely tanks, and a few little items to put in a small suit case such as small shampoo and conditioner. 

Take care

Day 22 – NaPoWriMo – Earth Day – ” Mother Earth”

She isn’t just a pile of land set there for us to conquer.

She isn’t just a forest of trees for us to chop for timber.
She isn’t just a home for birds, and mammals, and all creation.

She’s more then just an ocean to pollute with a floating pile of garbage.
She is the sun and she is the rain; she is foliage abounding.

She is every rock and tree and creature; she is every sky in morn or night.
She is is the bugs in the ground, the air that we breathe, the elephant and his tusks.

She is mother of all creation and she gives you wise and old advice:
You were given dominion over me, so take care of me well.

If you continue to destroy me, what you have today your children will have lost.

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Jumper

Jesse felt a disturbance in the air — as if something terrible was going to occur. He felt it long before he saw the wet thunderous impact of a man’s body smash resoundingly into his metro train window.

An old man stopped for a moment at the edge of the platform to one of the metro trains. It didn’t matter which train. Then taking a deep breath while sweating prefusly, he jumped into the path of an oncoming train. 

He knew it could not stop in time. He jumped and as the lights from the train blinded him and his body broke, he saw light. A light beyond the brightness of lights in his former world. A glow of bedazzling rays.

Word Count: 120


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Day 20 – NaPoWriMo – I know – “My Person”

I know you hate it when I’m mad and wish I’d just turn around and talk to you.

I know you wish that we always got along and there wasn’t fights like these and lonely nights on the couch.

I know you think I do it on purpose, at times, getting upset just because I can but you need to know there’s a reason.

I know you don’t understand my reasoning that you think I arbitrarily choose one that doesn’t make sense.

I know I hurt you when I’m tired and I haven’t seen you all day, but I just need to go to bed to sleep and sort things out my way.

Because don’t you know in the morning the first face I see is yours, and I’m excited to see you and I’m sorry for all that was wrong.

I know you don’t understand my moods but I know you understand happy, and snuggling, and kisses, and your favorite breakfast.

I know that I’m not perfect but I know that you should know that your my person no matter if we fight or if the sky is blue and the sun beams down and it’s a great day just being with you. 

Day 19 – NaPoWriMo – Landays – ” That Song”

I think if you saw the world through my eyes I think you would be surprised that we share,

Vividly beautiful melodic music and the rushing of sound as it goes by and we try;

To capture a moment, a harmony, no cacophony, but pure unadulterated sound

You would look at the morning, the twilight the dawn, and see it in ways you have never seen before.

You could capture the melody of a serene soulful day and put it in words to say,

The awe striking beauty of nature and glory, the pull of music as it drifts and carries you in.

The hilight of every bird is its song, and as it sings, stand motionless and hear it coo,

Of rain, and the flowers, the trees, and nector, of an essence that drugs you with delight and;

The call of the ages, the dawn of time, it reminds you of Edan, though you’ve never seen it;

It’s a memory deep inside of your being as old as time itself and starlight dances and,

The moon beams high, the day is ending goodbye, goodbye come back with me to glowing places in sky. 

Return with me tomorrow morning to that sound that shivers and quivers with life.

A Little Lonely

I haven’t set out to write about any real particular topic tonight. But more than usual I am noticing how lonely a house can be when you’re the only one in it. I’m at the point, where if I didn’t know my parents were coming back in two weeks, I would taxi out to the closest animal shelter and adopt a dog on the spot. Just so I had something to talk at who would listen to my voice even if it didn’t understand what I was saying. That’s one way of dealing with lonileness.

But the truth is we all get lonely at one time or another. We get lonely with our significant others, our closest family, our best friends, in crowds, in deserted parks, and such as me in empty houses. I’ve been trying my very hardest to stay busy and set out little tasks that I can do to make the time pass. But truthfully when you’re by yourself you have a lot more time to focus on everything about yourself. 

I’ve cleaned my room from top to bottom except for a few minor details. I’ve reorganized, thrown out, dusted, etc… And I think over 3 days for someone with chronic fatigue I’ve done well. Tomorrow it will take me a very short time to empty the garbage, empty the recycling and take it outside, dust my fan, and vacuum. Then my room will be beautifully clean and I’ll have that sense of accomplishment. Mostly, that sense of accomplishment works against me because I don’t have all the energy I require to complete all the goals I want to do.

Then I will go downstairs and clean my washroom well, breaking the tasks down into manageable steps. I will tie up the cardboard and take it out and pray that there are no spiders hiding under the stack. I will finish copy editing modules 3 and 4 this week. So far, the course is not so bad but I better not jinx myself because there is a lot to memorize in three weeks. And it’s not copywriting if I wrote that before very different thing, copy editing.

Thank God, I get paid and can pay bills and buy that dress I’ve had my eye on. I can pay my parents back for taxes and save a lot for Vegas in June. I also can go down town twice to have a dress hemmed and a pair of low boots re-heeled for next year. I can go to the art gallery and,perhaps, a movie if my little brother gets his act together.

Honestly, I just have to keep planning because a lot of my friends are busy or taking vacation at this time. Otherwise, I would have made way more plans with them. I am watching my favorite shows now that they are finally on again, I only have three or four. And so for I’m horrified that certain characters or leaving, dying, or will be critically injured. It’s crazy how involved you can get in TV drama, despite the fact it’s not real.

So, I want to know how do you keep busy when you’re lonely? I’m alone a lot of time during the day but the weekends and nights are killing me. I think I’m probably driving my boyfriend a little nuts up north with all my chatter. Sometimes I know there is stuff to do but I just don’t feel like doing it. That has certainly changed — if there is something to be done I feel like I have to get it done, other then the moments I rest briefly or nap. I’m scared to feel alone and have nothing to do, I hate that feeling. Do you?