Stuck in the Middle with You

I feel a little stuck lately. I had all these plans to read and catch up in all these series I have read. To reread some books and for others to read the final books in the series that seem to have all come out at once. But you know what, as much as these books hook me on a regular basis, right now I’m just not feeling them once I get down to the task of actually reading them. I feel extremely excited to read them eventually but today, right now, I can’t concentrate except to find more books on my tablet I would like to read. So it’s a bit of a hard thing but I just can’t seem to get into any of these books.

It’s much easier to write myself and tell you about some of the posts I plan to do in the next week. I have to get working on my book so I’m going to write the 3rd instalment of How was Last Night For You and if I’m very productive a chapter four as well. It has taken some thinking on my part about where I want to take the story next and having finally some idea, I intend to do some major writing.

Also, as smaller pieces go, I have to go back and write a piece for Writing 201, a piece making a point and proving it. I was so busy this last week I could not take the time to do this even though I have spent my life in education writing pieces like this, that prove a point. Thirdly, I have a couple beauty pieces, one on a shampoo and conditioner by Kevin Murphy, I tried and the other on a couple Benefit products and a Revlon product. So look forward to seeing those sometime. No promises but this is the plan. By the way, I will post on the Writer’s Place (whatever it is called) for the book chapters.

As for other things, as I said I plan to read I hope a great deal, I want to exercise a bit more maybe on the elliptical. And I need to return to doing some Yoga. I found the perfect New Years Dress in my closet. It is black lace with a peplum waist for the Druid on New Year’s Eve and I have these crazy silver shoes that have sequins all over them to where on my feet and a silver and pearl necklace I used for a picture on here once called A Swarm of Pearls and that will make the outfit. Looking forward to Christmas Eve also, to family, and snacks, presents, and little children singing at church.

Additionally, I had a wonderful mani/pedi this week in bright pink! Seasonal I know. I also went to see a rheumatologist who sent me for more testing for my fatigue. And I took 2 days and finished proofreading a final for proofreading. I was so happy to be done that and mail it off two days ago. It was a lot of work by hand but I learned the copywriting/proofreading symbols well. I’m all ready for April now. Also, I’ve been talking to my Mom about going to Vegas in May or so midweek to midweek. It will be a bit more expensive that way over a weekend but a lot of fun!

Cheers all! Merry Christmas!

Loving Christmas


The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?

I’ll admit it! I love Christmas. It is better than your Birthday and better than any other holiday we experience throughout the year. There is something to be said about the uniting of family and friends to share tasty treats or a large delicious meal and coming together and just talking and being one large family. By family I mean, family can be anyone. Family are your closest friends, strangers who have no where else to go for the holiday, your immediate family, and your extended family — relatives you never ever even met before.

So no I can’t get enough of Christmas but the way I look at Christmas has changed. The most memorable Christmas to me as a child was when I woke up earlier then everyone in the house to go see the presents. I wanted a Barbie house so so much! And I woke up and sitting in the living room was this huge box with my name on it. I went back to bed for it was only 5;30 am but I couldn’t sleep. And then around 8 am when we finally opened presents I ripped off the paper of that large box and behold a Barbie house! A beach Barbie house with bedrooms and a dock that we found a blue container that looked just like a pool that Barbie and Ken could jump in. I loved that Barbie house even though through years I grew out of Barbie. But that was the issue, toys and opening presents, and candy use to be important at Christmas.

Now people, conversation, laughter, and memories are the most important things I value from Christmas. Not mention that a little baby named Jesus was born on Christmas to save the world from sin. I’m sad that my boyfriend is working Christmas because this is a message I would like to share with him every chance I get. He is Muslim and has different beliefs then I do. To him, Jesus is a Prophet, and God is not a triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So despite loving him I wish he would understand that Christ was born and later died for him too and that he needs saving as much as anyone. But I will get to see him on New Years so I’m just happy about that.

Luxebox: Chalet Chic Edition

It’s that time of year and I’ve received my 4th Luxebox. Everything is great although they did forget to send me my Disposable Cleansing Clothes for your face but those will come later. Here’s everything else I got:







Poem: What is Freedom? That without a past.

In my small slice of time, I’ve learned that each day, there are people who’ll come and softly fade away.
There are those who are there then out in a fright, a firecracker banging once in starlight.
And there are people who are there for a certain test of time before they say ‘goodbye.’
And there are others yet still, who exist to pull you through the falls into sparkling light.
But yet remains a person I detest, those who existed for awhile made a live wrenching impression then disappeared.
Those who were important but fade to shuddered sight — those who cut your soul and make you ask — what was the point of you, to drown me in my past.
And years tremble by like water in a fountain, babbling away every drop they ever made.
But water is circular and water is the chill of bones when it coldly lands on your skin once more.
And you’ll never know how a memory can fade and resurface and splash you in the eye mixing water with your tears.
Perhaps it’s me but I don’t know, perhaps you’re a memory of someone who was special who will never let me go.
I seek closure, and I seek compassion that God would ease my demons as I walk through life.
But time will grow and whisper through the years, and your eyes, your smile, that face will never let me escape my mind.
And I shudder to think what cutting all connection would do — but I think it would free me — a girl can hope for anything right?
Whatever you meant, you don’t mean that now, we both know it but I’m sliding down in sickeningly deep mud, endless piles of little loves, until I’ve blown up your importance far to much.
Forget you I pray, until you’re only a prayer on some occasion.
So I never think that your the one that got
So I never see I’m a failure, and I did a lot of boys disservice.
Maybe I’ll forget to recognize the way you treated me in the past — that there was a reason we never stood hand in hand.
I’m just reminding myself to give up again because what I have I love.
And attraction like that is just lust.
You are no different then an actor who I liked briefly.
You are just too much for me to handle.
No one I’ll ever get close to.
You are gone now — but oh how your memory enslaves me.
Oh how I hate those in memory who wait and strangle all hope of forgetting from you.
Oh how I wish there was a solution, that I could go out in this world and be free of all the chains that bind me.
What is freedom? That without a past.

You in 10 Objects

You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However — instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?

You are my toastiest, most comfy blanket keeping my heart warm for you though you are far away.
You are the sweet and softly spiced perfume you created for me, a taste of Morocco and your love that I wear at my pulse points.
You are a chunky bracelet you bought for me one birthday, the shiny lucite and glass in geometric simplicity, like the jewelry you wear yourself, now I wear it to.
You are that wonderful Lebanese spice that we coat chicken in, a meal we shared together with cooked vegetables and salad in that special ranch dressing.
You are the number 008, the digits I type to allow you to let me into your place, my second home, and wonderful aromas greet me at the door.
You are an Armani Exchange T-shirt, your most loved brand at a store we stop at almost every time we shop at WEM, to add to your collection another shirt.
You are red sheets, the ones I bought for you, your favourite colour and a softness I come home to when I sleep at your place.
You are a bottle of Perrier, fizzy water, and just right, to taste a bit of soda in a healthy way, it represents how fit you are, how you care about your body.
You are the eyelashes on your deep brown eyes, eyes that see every part of me, and love me just the way I am — giving butterfly kisses with those eyelashes I feel adored in every way.
You are your iPhone, it’s how we maintain our connection, though you are way up North working, you are right next to me in every call, in every text message — we are never apart.

Waiting A Long Time

There are times when you are waiting and time just flies by but there are other times when the seconds ticking by feel like years.
I’m not sure if I prefer time passing slowly or time passing fast.

When I’m having a great time and want time to pass slowly it doesn’t seem to. I’ll be having a great time with friends or have projects I need time to finish and suddenly I’m out of time. But when I’m waiting for a good time to start, time passes lazily, slowly, and boringly. Particularly, when I’m waiting for a ride or when I’m waiting for a bus, time slows down.

Tonight I have an hour and half to kill before I can go to the bar with A. But I just prefer to start my evenings earlier because it doesn’t feel like I’m waiting all day. Maybe I just get bored — I think that’s the problem. But when you’ve done all you think you can do without tiring yourself out for the night, what do you do? I’ve watched TV, read, surfed the web, pinned on Pinterest, Facebooked, and anything else I could think of, so now what?

Partly, I think it depends if your an evening or a morning person. I most definitely was a night person but now I’m like an afternoon to 9 pm person lol. That’s when I’m at my best I mean. I’m not a morning person at all. I’m still kind of drowsy from sleeping medications at that point.

But maybe it has to more do with that I get all my stuff done at an earlier time then A. He gets up at 1 pm usually and does a lot of stuff late afternoon and night. He’s 5 years older then me and when he goes to the bar at midnight or 1 pm, I’m ready to go home these days. Sometimes I get out there and I’m great, could last to morning. But usually I like my sleep in the mid mornings hours. It’s a shame because some places such as Las Vegas become alive at that time.

So, I’ve passed some time writing and watching different movies. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is on and I haven’t seen LOTR in a long time. Probably, haven’t seen it since it first came to DVD. But I am looking forward to LOTR predecessor The Hobbit: Battle of The 5 Armies (something like that). I’m going to see that with my little brother at the end of next week.

But that should be about it for tonight’s ramblings. I think I should go get ready now it’s almost 10:30 pm. Thanks for listening, it made time speed up for a moment.

Something To Say This Night

I don’t have a lot to say tonight but I might ramble on a little bit. I find writing a post up at night can sometimes be soothing when you are trying to get to sleep.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at A’s apartment and gave you a little glimpse of my life there on Thursday. After that post I made chicken wings in the oven with a frying pan since A does not have baking sheets. But the spice A put on them tastes pretty fantastic, so I enjoyed eating them and so did he. He ate them fast so I think that’s a good sign. Around 5:30 pm I got a ride home from A and today was just useless.

I managed to correct my Writing 201 piece where you write about teaching someone about something. I chose: How to Get The Perfect Manicure or Pedicure. It’s posted on my blog. I fixed it this morning only to find that I didn’t fix it enough this afternoon. So now I hope it’s finished. And I’m looking forward to next weeks long form assignment. There are only two weeks left so that means two more assignments. You don’t have to do the assignments for this course but I don’t know about you but I learn better by doing.

So, tomorrow I believe I should start the first section of the open book final I have to do for Proofreading. I hope I can get at least a 75 percent mark on the exam. Also, I’m going out out with A. We are going to go hang out at pub or some bar down Jasper Ave. I want to wear this sparkly gold Lululemon shirt I bought, the only Black Friday purchase I made. It has a very interesting design but I find myself asking: Am I to old to wear Lululemon shirts to the bar? Can anybody really tell the difference? Ordered a couple long sleeved shirts from Lululemon as well later. I had a gift card for part of that. But there will be nothing left there come boxing week so best to get clothing I like now.

I’m sad to miss out on a Christmas Celebration with my ladies at the Druid. My doctor (one of them) moved my appointment up until Monday and my body can’t handle going out on Sunday night and going somewhere Monday. So sad to say, I must pick the doctors since it took half a year to get the appointment. But later in the week I have a good appointment for a manicure and pedicure ( thank you groupon) so that will be good and in between I may finish my final.

Have to get some chocolate for my brother Nathan and his girlfriend too. Not sure where, I guess Purdy’s or Lindt at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I need a couple things from Revlon, so Shopper’s might be a good place to go to first.
I have to stay up until 11 pm tomorrow, that might be hard but that’s when A is coming by so I think for now I’ll sleep.


Visiting A


Write for 10 minutes without stopping. Whether you correct your errors is up to you.

I am at A’s this morning. We stayed up to 2:30 am last night and I didn’t even realize it, I thought it was 11:00 pm. But I slept well and sometimes it’s hard to sleep in a bed that’s not your own. But three little pills for insomnia and I slept like a baby. I didn’t even notice when A came into sleep.

I woke up refreshed at 11:00 am and had a shower. I dressed, put on light makeup and got ready for the day. As I was finishing getting ready my boyfriend popped his face into the bathroom and asked me if I was done. I wasn’t quite ready but my hair was dry at least and I could tell A is not use to ladies taking along time to get ready in the bathroom.

I went back into the bathroom after to pull my hair half up with some dry shampoo, some teasing of my hair, and some bobby pins. It’s a hair style I learned off the hair section of , it’s one of my favourite blogs. But I am not big a fan of all the baby posts but I guess it’s exciting for Kate (the blogger) and other Mom’s. Frankly, pregnancy just scares me and I don’t think I’ll have any of my own due to my health issues.

So now I’m sitting on the couch opposite my boyfriend. We are going to try to get tickets for Hudson’s for New Years or maybe the Druid. I think dinner would be fun so for $30.00 I will get tickets for us. I got a dress that’s fancy but not too fancy for it from RW&CO.

Speaking of ordering, I saved enough cash to get my new knee high boots. I had to order them and they’ll be here in a month. I’m excited because my old ones are coming a part. It is expensive to order off But they make beautiful boots and flats. They are comfortable and have some lovely materials and colours that they make their shoe/boot collection out of. They just launched a line of men’s shoes and boots this last week. What I really like about them besides my lovely black boots, is that they are a local business and it!s always great if one can buy local.

So now I’m just writing. A is dozing and It’s nice to be here with him hanging out.



Which would you prefer wanting everything or wanting nothing?

Would you have all your desires fulfilled or not desire anything? What a tough question to ask. I think when it comes down to it, everyone wants for something. This is a symptom of living in an imperfect world. And I think if you wanted nothing you wouldn’t be human because then you would be perfect.

Maslow has a hierarchy that he says we all need, and subsequently want. Are needs end with self-actualization at the top of the triangle followed by esteem, love or belonging, safety, and physiological needs as our biggest needs on the bottom of the triangle. At any time some of these needs we are in want of because our need is not being achieved. So needs can be wants too. If this is the case, can we help not wanting. Think about needs such as food, shelter, water etc. and ask some people around the world who didn’t have those needs physiological needs if they wanted them. Of course, they would say they are needs that through desire they want and rightly so.

So, I don’t think we can help but want everything because once one need is achieved on Maslow’s hierarchy we want the next category up. And I think it’s like that in life too. Very few people do not want some kind of gift at Christmas and in places where other festive days occur the same issue happens. Once a want/need is fulfilled we move on to wanting something else. We are never happy with what we have for long.

In one of my favourite James Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan, he Bond says, ” The world is not enough.” And I think that explains it best: there’s never enough for us to want and if a lower need is not being met we all of the sudden need and want something that meets those needs before we move up the scale rewanting what we had before.

So if you ask me you may prefer to want nothing but it’s not a realistic goal. To be human is to want and always chase after what we cannot have or hold only for a brief moment.


A Perfect Manicure or Pedicure

One of my best childhood memories was painting the antique doll my great godmother had bought me with a sparkly nude coat of nail polish. I thought my doll looked perfect then as she sparkled in the sunlight from my paint job; she looked beautiful. Now I’m sorry I ruined an antique doll in good condition with her original clothes.

As I grew older, I painted my nails finding a way to do it so that my nails looked as perfect as possible as if a professional aesthetician had painted them. By high school I was doing my nails perfectly and sometime around then I began to invest in a good clear top coat which, made it possible for any pedicure or manicure to last a week and a half. And 11 years later I go for manicures sometimes at the salon but most often I paint the nails on my fingers and toes, although often enough I do like to get an actual pedicure at a reputable salon. I like a place on Jasper Ave in Edmonton called the Beauty Lounge.

As I’ve grown up, trends have changed in nail polish. In the last 5 or 6 years we’ve gone from regular nail polish, to gel polish, and to shellac polish. If you can afford it, or are doing something special, shellac polish is the best way to have your fingers and toes painted because shellac nails will last about three weeks if you’re careful with them. But on a regular basis, I like to paint with plain simple nail polish and a top and a base coat. And that’s what I would like to teach you about today: How to give yourself an excellent and simple manicure and pedicure.

1. First of all, take off any nail polish left on your fingers or toes from before. Don’t peel the nail polish off as this can remove the top layer of your nail.

2. Fill a little cubbie or container of some kind with hot water and add some bath salts to the water. Soak your hands and  feet and use the bath salts as a great exfoliator, especially on your feet. After you soak them, work on your feet first. File the callouses off with a foot file and never ever use one of those items that grates the dead skin off your foot. That tool is dangerous and you can easily cut yourself and get an infection in the cut on your foot. Don’t do this especially if you are at nail salon as this tool may not have been cleaned well.

3. Take some cuticle oil or any kind of oil you have sitting around ( argan, cocoanut oil etc.) and being careful how much you put on, place a small amount of oil on each of your cuticles and push your cuticle back with an orange stick (a little stick that with a diagonal cut at the end).Take a cuticle trimmer or even a small nail clippers and snip away all the dead skin by your nails.

4.Run some nail polish remover over your nails to get rid of the oil and file your nails into a square or oval shape.

http://www.1000thingstodo.comfinger nails in an oval or square shape.

5.Begin with your bottom coat of nail polish. The ideal method is to paint your nails in 3 strokes but this does not always work. And a tip here, if you don’t want to get a base coat wherever you buy nail polish, use your top coat as a base coat and top coat. There are many different types of nail polish and a product that has more pigment is much preferred because you only have to do two coats of colour not three or four. The nail polish brands I like the best are: OPI, Sparitual, and QUO by Orly at Shoppers Drug Mart. A good place to get your nail polish online is or Sephora, which also stock other brands such as Butter London,  Formula X, and Zoya.

6. Once your first nail polish coat is dry, put on your first coat of colour. Let that coat dry really well before putting on your second coat of coloured nail polish.

7. Once your two coats of colour are nearly dry, paint on the top coat and let your nails dry. A couple of hours should be good enough but if your nails are still sticky or tacky let them dry for longer. Top coats are clear and bottom coats can be clear or coloured white. I prefer a clear base coat because it takes less nail polish coats to cover. Using a white base coat may mean you need an extra coat of colour and more drying time.

8. To help your nails dry you may spray them with a product that helps your nail polish dry faster. Check out Sephora or your local Nail Salon for this useful spray or oil. Clean up any nail polish around your nails with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover.

9. To keep the polish on your fingernails a half of week longer, put on another coat of top coat to stop your nails from starting to chip. This is especially important in ensuring that your manicure remains looking sleek and professional.

10. Enjoy your nails. Toes usually last longer than fingers so you should be able to get about three weeks out of your pedicure and you can also put more top coat on if your toe nails begin to chip. Usually, your fingernails should keep polished for a week to a week and a half.

11. Clean all your tools in soapy warm water to disinfect them every few times you do your nails.

There are so many details you can add to your nails once you have painted them your desired color. You can add details such as rhinestones to them before you do your top coat, You can also try painting them with nail polish pens for nail art and designs. One can also use tape to create geometric lines and paint your nail partially another color over your chosen color of nail polish. You can also paint over your nails with a clear coat of glitter or sparkles in gold or silver. This is especially great for the holiday season. Finally, one can not forget doing a classic french nail using little strips you can buy at the drugstore to keep the top of your nails white and in the perfect shape. However, you choose to paint your nails have a fantastic time because doing your nails is supposed to be fun, not a chore.