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How Was Last Night For You – The Morning After and Brunch


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Chapter 2: The Morning After and Brunch

Nina got off the phone with John after sleeping some more and held her hands to her aching blond head. Why, why do I drink so much? She thought. It never ends well. But then she thought about the night before again the strange feeling she had about John and the vicious fight at the Manhatten, the poor person that a guy with a knife stabbed and the paramedics had taken away, and the woman who had swam in the harbor and grabbed onto Nina’s ankle.Why had this woman claimed someone had pushed her into the water from her boat then decided to change her story and run off into the night. Did this woman have a death wish? Was she afraid of someone?

By that time in the night Nina hadn’t doubted John so much. He had been the perfect gentlemen to her but their was an odd, careless, and capricious energy to him. He had murmured to Nina that it was only the full moon that made these odd happenings occur. The moon had called to John like a beacon last night and there had been a bit of crazy in his eyes when he looked at it but at the same time there was a gentle and practical man.

John had helped Nina home and told her about growing up playing in the leaves this time of year when he was young with his brother’s, in the Fall, in the tree house his father built. John’s Mom would call them inside for hot chocolate with their favorite — whipped cream — on top. The boys would wrestle and try to hurt each other and then go play there Nintendo games until bedtime.

John had also proclaimed that he ran his own company with his 2 brothers. They were publishers and worked over people who edited books, magazines, and decided which manuscripts were good and which were not. Nina liked that John had that job. It made her dream. She was just an Assistant in marketing for an advertising company and although marketing had been what she wanted to go into, it didn’t quite fulfill the excitement Nina craved. Nina thought writing would be exciting if you could become published and well-known. Although, last night had been excitement enough, Nina thought to herself.

Nina was a down to earth girl but she believed that there were some things that could not be explained by reason. Somewhere there were powers both good and evil. There were also things in this world and people in this world no one could ever really understand because of their natures. Nina was also Lutheran so she prayed for the people who had been hurt last night. She secretly believed that people were both good and evil (not just intrinsically bad as Lutheran’s believed) and that was why she was meeting John for lunch on Sunday.

It wasn’t just the fact that he had piercing bright blue eye’s, a sculpted physique, an open boyish face with a wide smile, and kissable lips. It wasn’t because she liked John a lot, that he had cared for her so well the night before, and they had slept together. Nina had to admit that was something she had never done, slept with a stranger. But she felt she knew John and despite the fact that she couldn’t put her finger on the fact about what was off about John she believed his goodness out weighed the shadow of doubt that she and the events of last night had cast upon him.

First thing first, she had to eat something even though her stomach felt queasy from drinking too much. And maybe she would have a glass of orange juice, the electrolites would help her wake up. Then she would call her best friend Tiffany and they would go shopping together. Nina needed to find the perfect lunch time outfit for John, not too over the top, maybe just a nice shirt to go with her dark jeans and her new pair of leather shoeties (they were like booties but with open toes). She would also like Tiffany’s opinion on what happened the other night with John. Maybe she could shed some light on the situation, but Nina doubted it.


The next day Nina met John at a modern restaurant overlooking the water that rippled and shimmered in the middle of the city. The sun cast John in a heavenly light which was ironic considering Nina knew John was no angel. It shone and reflected on the frame of sleekly designed navy glasses that only made John’s eyes bluer. His mouth curved in a sly grin and he quickly got up to kiss Nina on the cheek as she stood next to the table John had chosen for Nina and he to sit at. John pulled out a comfortable upholstered red chair for her. Nina sat down grinning at John’s pleasant manners still feeling the imprint of his lips on her cheek.

The restaurant was comfortable and stylish. Black chairs and tables with deep red upholstered seats covered a dining room and patio. Modern and eclectic chandaliers hung from the ceiling inside where they sat and a sleek rectangular slate grey tiled fountain with shooting water springs was the center piece for the entire restaurant.

At supper it was a fashionable and romantic place to eat dinner with music that wasn’t to loud but at night it became more of a bar. Especially in the warmer season, the windowed roof covered patio was a prime location to be at with a round slate tiled fountain and modern street lamps sitting amidst metal patio furniture with more of the red upholstery on the chairs. There were also red upholstered booths for groups and lone couples to sit at, they were the best seats on the patio.

Nina sat inside with John as it was cold out. It was the rainy and sometimes snowy season where they lived and as they sat Nina carefully ordered a ginger ale and orange juice to calm her stomach. John ordered yet more liquor, vodka neat with lime. John sipped his drink lazily and turned his beautiful orbs on Nina who wore a casual  turquoise blouse made from silk with her jeans and shoeties. John wore straight dark jeans, a white shirt, and tan jacket. He placed both hands around his glass on the table and grinned at Nina, ” I was worried you wouldn’t come. After all, what am I to you a one night stand and man who weird things happen around.” Nina opened her lips then closed them sipping her orange juice and ginger ale thoughtfully.

” John, was it a one night stand?” she blurted out “I’ve never done one of those before. I’m just not that kind of girl, but I don’t think you would have invited me here if that is what it was. I kind of thought the events of last night brought us together, meant we shared a bit of something. And I mean, you acted as if you were such a gentlemen. You never let me get hurt and if we got a little drunk after, well that’s okay. But I would really like to see you some more.” Nina said this speech wistfully. It was hard to meet men and John was really hot. John enamoured Nina and she knew it. But she didn’t know if the situation was the same for John.Yet, John’s eyes pierced Nina and crinkled up in the corners as he smiled.

” Your a good girl Nina and I had a lot of fun with you last night, all night. I would like to see you again but I’m a busy guy and I’m not sure you should be hanging around someone like me. Your five or six years younger than I and I don’t know if you’re looking for the same thing I am. And you don’t know what kind of man I am Nina.  I haven’t always been the nicest guy, in fact often I’m the mean guy, the guy who will take you home and forgets about you the next day. Starting what you want would be different for me…” John cleared his throat and looked away then at Nina a soft smile still on his lips as he observed her.

” Well”, said Nina bemused ” I wasn’t asking to get married or even for a relationship. I was asking to see where this can go. I don’t meet guys I like to often, I sleep with fewer men, I’m very picky, and not that that’s good or bad but we could maybe see how things go. Also, I had questions, you know about last night. Trouble just seemed to follow you and I around John, what’s that about? Are you involved in something?” Nina looked at John worried she’d gone too far and sighed in relief when John picked up the conversation where it left off. The waiter returned to take their food orders and Nina ordered a Club sandwich and salad.

“I’d be willing to date you Nina, if that’s what you are looking for. I like you a lot. Your different then my usual type” John pondered. “But I can’t promise more and have to warn you about me. Trouble follows me like a curse Nina. That’s why I can’t commit to anything more. I am cursed Nina. Bad things happen all around me. You don’t believe me watch what’s about to happen now.” John covered his head as if in pain.

The chandelier dropped to the dark marble floor of the restaurant across the room in a cold crash of glass and steel. The restaurant was fairly empty for a Sunday but families were there having brunch and enjoying the sunshine let in through the patio windows. Children let out startled and frightened cries and adults held them back in fear and gawked at the light now covering the floor in pieces. Waiters and waitresses rushed to the scene of the accident and Nina rose up out of her chair to look while John sat calmly and stared at his hands. The restaurant Manager came running in awe at what had happened, no doubt thinking about lawsuits.

” I don’t want bad things to happen but around me they do… I can just tell when there about to.” John said calmly. Nina looked at him wide eyed and slightly afraid. He took her hand as she sat back down in her padded chair. ” I could never hurt you Nina, some people I can keep safe. Other, times I’m a walking nightmare. But if you can get used to strange things happening we could see how things go… It’s not so bad most of the time, really” John murmured this sadly as if he was sure he’d lost Nina already.

” I don’t know” Nina whispered “This is strange but I believe that odd things can happen in life and that they do. I don’t know why God allows them to, but I believe bad things happen. And I don’t think you’re an evil person. How can you make those bad events stop happening John, how do you make it so your just a normal guy?” Nina cleared her throat and gripped John’s hand tightly.

” There are ways, Nina” John said ominously. ” There are ways, but for now lets just eat our food…”

“Im not hungry” Nina grimaced noticing John’s mostly empty plate.” John stuck three twenties on the table, stood, and took the small but curvaceous Nina in his arms. ” Let’s walk, I live close by” he said casually, ” Everything will be fine for now.”

And Nina, despite have left her car parked in the parking lot, let John lead her up the side walk a few blocks into the fancy houses and condo’s that lined the water front. He walked her inside to his own condo to the living room window, where boats sailed by and fish leaped and sparkled in the grey-blue water.

An Irritable Symptom

I have always tried to be a kind and thoughtful person to my friends and relatives. My family, especially my parents and brothers, could tell you that growing up there were times when I was not nice at all. There were times I tantrumed as a small child and a teenager, times my brothers became blamed for things they hadn’t done, and times I was just grumpy.

When I worked at a University Bookstore for 5 years during and little bit after University, my boss and good friend, use to tell me that mostly I was nice and cheerful but she always knew when to stay away from me and leave me to myself. If I, being thought of as mostly a nice girl was like this, I’m scared to think how other women, particularly young women, I met became when they were in a bad mood. One thing I did find though at least for myself, being in the wrong mood as a teenager and young woman mostly got better, or at least I was generally able to tell when I would act this way and attempt to be nicer on those days.

Unfortunately for me some 8 years later I deal with two impediments to my being a kind person. I have found with constant illness and being stuck at home generally during my best time of day (during the middle of the day) one medication that I take called Dexedrine begins to wear off around 4 pm when everyone comes home during the week. The second impediment is simply that when I am worn out (fatigued as in chronically) and not able to have sum up enough energy to walk past my bed, I’m not a nice person. In both cases I would say I have the symptom of irritability.

It is such that I am very aware of it and much like a child who needs a nap, I’m stand offish, not able to handle drawn out conversation or activity, blunt, and unsociable. But sometimes you have to accept certain medical symptoms because they give better benefits at other times in the day. I don’t take Dexedrine because I enjoy the ‘crash’ I receive from it each day. This is not fun but Dexedrine allows me to have enough concentration during the day that I can do light chores, write, read, and go out for a few hours. Irritability when I come down off the Dexedrine is a price to be paid, a medical symptom. Not to mention the irritability I feel after losing all my energy and becoming fatigued. It is a symptom of my mood illness and the price I must pay to have energy at all on random days. It doesn’t happen every day but on days I haven’t slept well or have overdone it, I’m symptomatically irritable.

I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to share that. Maybe just to tell you that their are many symptoms of any illness and some of them are just as prevalent as any physical symptom such as the symptom of always feeling fatigued even after rest. Maybe, to also make you aware that irritability can be a symptom of any physical or mental illness and both from the flu to mood syndromes.

Also, to tell you that people who act a certain way when they are sick maybe extremely aware of how they are acting, they just don’t in all situations have much control over how they are acting. For instance, I hate when I’m talking to my Mom and I’m just saying ” yep, mmmhmmppp,” just to get the conversation to end because it is such a relief when it does because then I don’t have think and respond because I’m so fatigued. I want to say, ” Oh, that sounds good,” and “tell me more,” at least most of the time. But it doesn’t seem that I’m always able to get past my irritability to listen and be interested in the conversation, despite wanting to be involved.

I think sometimes we want to act a certain way, and be a certain way, but we don’t always have much control over the emotions and illnesses that can take control of our bodies. Then again, many times we do and I didn’t write this to be an excuse merely an example of situation or a symptom I experience.


How I Learned Not to Shop

This blog is an update as well as an advice providing write-up. When I first started getting paid for my job as a receptionist in 2007/2008, I was more like a kid in a candy store then a responsible graduate who had taken business and math courses that had focused partially on dealing with money.

But the year I became ill with a psychotic episode via Depression I started to not spend my money even less well. Luckily, I was only $1700.00 in debt so my Dad could pay that off for me with money he had saved for me from when I was paying rent at home. But 4 years later I really got into debt to the tune of $17 000 and with interest once I had my Dad co-sign a loan so I could pay down almost a small car with interest. I have been doing that paying down $381.00 a month every month since I got into debt.

This was a very stupid thing to do although I must mention I think it did have something to do with a mini-episode of depression or some type of mood disorder during this time as even at that time I could not remember doing it. Just that I came back after a small vacation in Montreal that was all paid for and sometime between paying for that vacation and returning from it in May, I got into debt in approximately 3 months.

By this time I was on disability and making even less then the little I made as a receptionist. And making even $380.00 less then that amount has made my budget very tight. I wasn’t able to save that little amount per month for a small vacation a year, I wasn’t able to shop anywhere even near the amount I had been shopping, even keeping a budget that would provide enough so I could get everything I need each month would become a challenge with medical costs etc.

So, I stopped shopping online altogether at first. Then, I only shopped for what I needed. Every time I saw a dress or pair of shoes I wanted a great deal but I didn’t have the money for I would pin the item on Pinterest. As you can guess, there was a lot of pinning going on at first especially with my impulse spending ways. Eventually I might keep items I liked in my shopping cart and if I very much liked the item, after a a month or two, I might purchase it providing I had an event to wear it to or nothing similar in my wardrobe.

That was the worst of my shopping. At the mall I was pretty good even before I had debt. The tactile quality of an item made me a lot more careful when spending my money. I preferred to spend my money at malls on makeup and I only had so much cash to spend at one time because I rarely used credit cards, and still practice that. And if I spent on them I always paid them off.

The other way I spent less money was quitting a weight loss program called Herbal magic which saved me about $400.00 a month and was the bulk of my debt. It paid for my loan payment every month. It was hard to do but I had only lost about 10 lbs on it due to my medications and it was simply too expensive. The only thing that worked about it was the idea of losing weight by cutting your portion size. All the herbs required were a crazy amount of money.

Now, I have stayed out of debt a year and a half. I’m still budgeting carefully according to what I need each month and I pay careful attention to what I but and the balance on my credit cards and bank account. I think if this is possible for me to do on a very small budget, it is possible for anyone, even on a large budget. It is also important, to know your weaknesses and walk away when you don’t have the money to buy the item you want.


Nights Like These

‘ It’s Friday.’ I think. ‘ I should be doing something.’ Maybe, I’m just past this phase of having to go out Friday night or maybe I just don’t care. But it wouldn’t be quite true to tell you that.

After getting use to habitually having little energy around 24-years-old I soon became familiar with the stay-at-home-Friday-night and usually I’m not a fan of it even if half my friends are starting families.

There is an energy and quality of let-loose and be-free about Friday night’s I miss terribly. I miss the drinking, the random philosophical conversation’s at 3:00 am, and the laughter and conversation that encompass a good time. Most importantly, it’s a feeling of belonging. I am without a — you-belong-here-with-us — on Friday nights. I still get the odd Friday out but I’m much more likely to be be worn out on a Friday then I am on a Saturday or Sunday night so I look forward to those. But other times I’m kind of grateful just to kick back on Friday and watch a movie or TV, read a novel on my IPad, or just surf the fashion blogs and Pinterest.

Hey, I’d be out there in the Friday night trenches if I could, I think. But realistically you have to have had a busy and productive week to look forward to those Friday nights, to make them seem special. Instead I was out last night at Olive Garden with my boyfriend and then over at his place until late and unless I’m exhausted from what I’ve done in the day or the day before I can choose any night to be my Friday night. It’s almost as if Friday night has lost its uniqueness for me. I’m not bragging because I would actually rather have the ability to work in the week and provide a living for myself. Some people wouldn’t but that’s my simple dream. That and to have my Friday night’s back.

I don’t miss the hangovers, I don’t miss creepy people at the bar, I don’t miss convincing my drunk friends they need to take a taxi home, I don’t miss the awful food one eats at 2:00 am when only battered chicken fingers or anything dripping in sauce or grease will do, but there were some great memories, some great people, and some funny episodes. A big part of me hopes they’ll be more times like these in the future (minus the greasy food and bar related shennanigans) because as much fun as it is to come up with and write your own story, it is an equally or even better adventure to live your own stories.


You Get What You Need and Other Things

You know that famous Rolling Stone’s Song and the lyrics ” [y]ou can’t always get what you want…you get what you need.” Well, when I think about life I think of that song because all of us have a whole list of wants, things we would like to have should the situation arise, but I think when it comes down to it we are lucky to just get what we need. We want a paycheque that means we’ll be able to buy that second vacation home but we’re lucky to just have enough money to mortgage or the rent for the house/apartment/condo we have. We would like to live in a democratic country but we don’t realize that living in a democratic country means defending democracy even in places as far as Syria or Iraq.

If you were like me you were a little shook up at the events that took place at parliament today, in our own back yard in Canada. A suspect was killed but not before he took the life of a Canadian soldier, a guy who sacrificed his freedom so he could protect us. Luckily, no one else was killed but I am grateful we have governments who are willing to stand up against terrorism in our own country and abroad and not just sit in parliament and do nothing. We can complain about our governments all we want but I think today we found we get what we need, a strong government who is willing to stand up for the principles Canada upholds. Sadly, this comes at greater restrictions and security for the common person.


On another note entirely, I have been enjoying Blogging 201 and thinking of the technicalities and presentation of the writing practiced in Writing 101. We are only a few days in, but I have found a new theme that I like a whole lot better then the theme I had. I was hesitant to switch but once I found the new theme I was a great deal more satisfied with my blogs appearance and appeal as a brand. I have been also been working on a second chapter for my blog/short story/1st Chapter of ” How Was Last Night For You.” I think this piece is going places if I can get it to move where I need when I write it. But we’ll just have to see where it goes. Thanks to all the comments and helpful advice for both my blog theme and my short story.


Also, it’s been nice having A at home awhile. We have gone for dinner, he came over to my house on Thanksgiving, and we hung out before this last weekend. The Thanksgiving thing was a big deal. I have been trying to get A over to meet my family for a long time. So at least, he won’t mind so much now coming over to visit my parents. Additionally, A also passed his high school equivalency test at NAIT so he can go to the Culinary Arts program and get his journeymen. A has been a chef since he went to school for it for two years in Morocco after high school. Since, he’s lived in Canada he has also been a chef at several restaurants and up North. Anyways, I want to take him out to celebrate now that he’s passed his exam so we’re going to his favourite restaurant Olive Garden tomorrow.

Also, happily got paid and actually need a whole bunch of makeup so I will have a few beauty product reviews coming up as well as more from Blogging 201 and whatever else comes to my mind.

Blogging 201 – Get A Read All Over

So, I wasn’t entirely sure how to show the 3 different views of my site on smart phone, tablet, and computer. But I took pictures of my computer with my tablet and will attach the photos. I am happy with how each view looks, even the smart phone view is good despite the fact that you can’t tell what the header is the smaller you go. But in my blog, the story or the text, is most important so that is what I want readers to be able to view easily.




Sunlight or Moonlight

Long lengthening day, are you almost done?
Blazing blistering sun, have you almost set?
The hours pass by slow and sedentary, and I wonder why I woefully sit and wait for this dragging day to end.
Pass on by, with spite, I sent you on your way, goodbye blue sky, ring in the night with stars that sparkle and a moon that rises rapidly.
No longer take the sentry passage of the bright brilliant blue sky, don’t go to sleep and slumber take the wheel of this ship and navigate away from this pagan deity called sun, surpass him for the moon that hangs above us, bright in crescent delight glowing frivolously and moving past the long lengthening day that grows grimly as time tones trite in the haggard passage of drunk daylight.
For night passes stealthily through the sky orb touching eyelids with a blessed pace that one sleeps through, yet at the dawn must face the drugged desolate sphere of bright burning breathing choking us with light,
And all the more I doubt, sun brings fourth it’s glory, it’s chariots on fire, when it boldly and broodingly makes the day as long as it seems, searchingly endless to all who foresee, and have expectation of night’s revelry.
Out, blazing haze out, and shine the orb that heaven hung in a darkened sky blithely passing, changing, enunciating to the earth here comes twilight our rebirth, then comes blackness where I shine in brilliance, then comes dawn where fire puts out the night; all these phases must come with the passage of night.
So speed up daylight, don’t let us suffer in this dreadful orange haze. Bring out the candles, the lights, the fireflies and moonlight.
Where the moon dances in stark contrast she leaves behind wisps of sunshine and the fear of eternal day, and a hidden shiver of silver on the way.

Blogging 201 – 3 Goals for Blogging

20130424-193643.jpgIt is an interesting task trying to figure out 3 concrete goals you would like to achieve on your blog. I think because there are many goals that run across my mind and when I think of putting something down concretely it means you actually have to do it. One actually has to try to achieve those goals:

1. Spend more time reading my followers blogs – I had taken a Writing 101 course last month and I found with great delight how much I enjoy reading what other people wrote about in their blogs. I also learned a great deal from seeing other people’s blogs and reading what they had to say from their own points of view. It was extremely interesting how one person could have a completely different take on a similar subject. The way someone else would choose to represent a topic could be quite different then the way I would choose to represent a topic in my writing. So concretely, I would like to spend at least 2 hours a week looking at the blogs of my followers and seeing the world from their point of views.

2. Write on a greater variety of topics - Some blogs are blogs that focus on one topic but I have always wanted to make my blog interesting because I wrote on a variety topics and wanted people to read it because they enjoyed all the things I wrote about not just Beauty or Fashion or Illness. I know this means that some posts not everybody will like but I hope that most of the time my followers will find something that will peek their interest so concretely, I would like to write 3 times a week on different topics (if possible) each time I write.

3. Gain more followers - An Important feature about writing I think is that a lot of the time, writing is meant to be shared. I think we gain particular insights into our own and other people’s writing by sharing our writing. Through the sharing of writing we see mistakes we have made, we can change our opinions, and we can learn something new about ourselves. Also, I believe that we have to strive to be great writers no matter who we are. Even if it is just a tiny post we want to present it in a way that makes other people say, “Wow, he/she is a really talented writer, I would like to read more.” So concretely, I would like to gain 50 more followers who actually get my blog emailed to them. 

Happy Thanksgiving One and All

It’s difficult to not write everyday now that the Writing 101 course is over. I had become use to being given an idea and then simply running with it for an hour or so each day. But now I am sitting in front of my laptop and it’s hard to come up with an idea to write about even though the point of the course for me in the beginning was to gain ideas for writing. But perhaps, that is my curse. I’ve been told that I’m very goal-oriented and great at completing my goals but not so great at making my goals in the first place.I think I will just need a brainstorming session where I can write down just any and every goal that comes to my mind. What about you how do you come up with ideas for blogs? Do you write from your own experiences, do you write fiction? I’d be interested to know.

But for now I will tell you about life lately and leave the brainstorming for later. Last week began by seeing my boyfriend finally, after his long trip to Morocco. I pretty much wouldn’t let him go once he came into my house and sat down on the couch. We talked a bit but I didn’t get to talk to him as much as I wanted until he took me out for dinner at Earls on Friday night. Everyone has there favorite meals at restaurants, the things they order over and over again. At Earls I have a few options I can choose from, my favorite being the Chicken-Apple Brie and Fig samwidge with a house salad. I always eat half and save the other half of this massive samwidge for lunch the next day. And I did the same thing on Friday but I was really craving chocolate after dinner and my boyfriend and I split (I had the most) a gelato and caramel nut sundae. It was divine, one scoop of vanilla, one scoop of chocolate, some candied pecans, and a little bowl of salty caramel sauce that I poured on the sundae frequently. I just love dessert sometimes and could just eat that. But I don’t order it too often because it’s usually too much to eat with a meal and drink as well as it’s fattening. Plus, A has decided he wants to keep of the 10 lbs he lost walking around Morocco and Europe, that way he will build muscle faster because he won’t have that fat in the way, not that he had any fat but that is just my opinion.

The rest of the weekend we spent preparing for a large Thanksgiving meal for Sunday.I cleaned my room well — vacuumed,

dusted, and wiped down everything — and frankly got too fatigued to do much more that day other than clean about half of my bathroom for Sunday ( I’ll have to clean the shower this week, at least no company goes in there so company cannot tell if it’s a bit dirty). On Sunday, I got ready and then helped my Mom cook the meal for the day. We had 13 people over for dinner, that’s a large party for my family. We had 4 of my Dad’s friends from China, both of my brothers, my one brother’s girlfriend, and my boyfriend A actually came over.

I was extremely impressed with A. He has been so frightened of my Dad he has staunchly refused to come over but he did come this time for a little while and ate supper with everybody, met my Dad, and brought my Mom flowers that she liked a lot. I hope I can get him to come again when my Dad doesn’t have so much company so that A can talk more to my Dad and become even more comfortable around my family. I think after 3-years it’s about time! But very proud of A all the same.

Back to dinner, my Mom and I cooked perogies, heated up cabbage rolls,cut up carrots and beans to be steamed, and my Mom baked a ham in the oven as well as a small turkey the night before. There was a chinese noodle salad and my brother’s girlfriend brought a pureed squash mixture. There was pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert, although dessert was very sweet.

After dinner and when everyone had left, I was quite tired and slept the rest of the afternoon, the next day, and most of yesterday. That’s called malaise — taking so long to recover after an occasion because you get to fatigued the day before or days before. Finally, today I feel as if I am normal again and maybe will catch up on some of my favorite TV shows online. Scandal (2 episodes) for one, Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and if I have time, 2 new episodes of the Blacklist. But I’ve been slacking on the Blacklist so I might just leave that one until I can watch the entire season in the summer.

Also I signed up for Blogging 201 starting next week. I wanted to keep in the habit of writing everyday going and I also wanted to learn about some more complicated operations and ideas that can help a person blog. I didn’t take Blogging 101 but I know enough from figuring out WordPress that I think I’ll be okay. There is a Writing 201, long form writing, in December and so I will do that then. These courses were a very good idea just to keep me busy since I couldn’t do regular courses from a university lately. But Im quiet sure I will take a Lighting course in Winter to finish my Residential Design and receive my Certificate in May. Then I will be a Certified Interior decorator. But unfortunately, I don’t plan on using the designation or doing the job. I just want to finish the certificate. I’m still on disability after all.

So coming up in October/ November for sure a beauty haul from Sephora on Clinique (some of the regular products I use) and a couple of makeup products I am trying out from Benefit and Bobbi Brown. Can’t wait to write about those for you. As for the rest of my blogging ideas you’ll have to wait and see what I can come up with when I’m more awake.